Thursday, April 21, 2011

the skinny

I've been trying to post this all week, but we've just had a lot going on. I even missed WILW! Oh my. I'll do better next week...hopefully!
Moving on...Friday Rob & I took our favorite little munch to the park! She had a blast going down the scummy slides, swinging & climbing!

Rob didn't slide with the ease that Natalie did, but he still had fun ;)

After our park date, we went to grab dinner and to visit Lisa & Harold, per Nat's request. She loves being with her favorite peeps! And she adores their bathtub...of course, it doesn't hurt that Lisa always has new jammies for her either!

I think it's safe to say we all had a fun night!

Saturday night was a night of celebration for Jerrod & Julie! They had a ranch themed shower given by family friends. There was even an authentic chuck-wagon meal!

I can tell you the buttermilk potatoes and beans were YUMMY.
Rob can tell you that it was ALL yummy!

Me with the bride-to-be! We are ready for June 11th!
As soon as I find some shoes, that is.

We went out after the party and got a serious kick out of people watching. It was a little ridiculous but provided us with a lot of laughs!

Sunday was the big house-hunting day. Oy. Stress.
Unfortunately, we didn't find the one...we are going back for round two this weekend, so hopefully we will have better luck and fall in love!

I think the problem is that I find our current home so perfect for us right now. Not to mention, we JUST bought it in December, so I'm not really "ready" to part with it. But I have to. We're moving, and that's not changing.

The reason we're moving is for Rob's job. The HC he was working for at Cooper is now the HC at Temple High School, and he asked Rob to join them in rebuilding the Wildcats! Rob is honored and READY to take on the challenge.
To be honest, I wasn't thrilled about the idea of moving at first. I've lived in Abilene's comfortable, our families are here, we know this place. I've since gotten excited about the move, though. I know it will be good for us. We'll experience new things, further our goals in life and have the chance to be "us". PLUS we're going to be there with some amazing friends! I know that any time I'm missing my family, they will fill my little heart with love and comfort me! What a blessing that will be.


yarger gal said...

natalie is/was on drew's wee ball team...small world! good luck with the house hunting.

Mateya said...

Love this post...I am so excited for you guys to start a new journey! I hope you have better luck house hunting this weekend!

Shelley said...

So you guys are heading to Temple?? That is only 60 miles from us. I am actually heading there tonight for a "girls night out!" Good Luck with the house hunt!

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