Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's time for another edition of WILW!
Head on over to "This Kind of Love" to link up and share what you're loving on this beautiful Spring day!

I'm loving that Easter is right around the corner! I love the hope that this season provides. The Lord's glory and graciousness is just so evident...His beauty abounds!
Plus I'm not hating the fact that I can finally allow desserts and candy back in my life...
40 days is a long time ;)

I'm loving that I can finally (okay-it's only been a week...whatev) wear mascara again!
Current favorite: CG Lash Blast

I'm loving that I got to spend last weekend with some of my favorite people!
Friday night was girls' night with Anna & Leslie...always a good time. I seriously laugh non-stop when I'm with these girls...love that, love them!

Saturday night was spent cooking out at the Dunnam's...so that meant girl talk for Cass and me! Can't beat that.

Rob spent a little time with some of his faves too...
his twinkie and their long-time friend, Zach.

I'm loving that I will be spending the next 2 days with Julie! The plan: shopping, wedding dress fitting (for her, obviously), eating, laughing, hanging out and snuggling her precious newborn twin nephews! Now tell me THAT doesn't sound like the makings of a fun little getaway.

I'm loving that I get to hang out with my sweetest girl, Natalie, on Friday!

I'm always loving my precious parents! And I'm loving that my momma is coming house hunting with us on Sunday!
Yes...house hunting. Shocked? So was I ;) More on that soon!

And last, but never least...I'm loving my precious husband.
He's my greatest treasure.
Always and forever.

Clearly I'm really loving all the people in my life right now. I feel abundantly blessed every day to have such wonderful people to spend my days with.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Brittany said...

Good luck house hunting!

I am your newest follower!

Mateya said...

Are you moving again?!

Heather said...

House hunting is so much fun, but SO stressful! Make sure you take pictures of each house and tons of notes. They all start running together after a while.

Greer's Gossip said...

I love all of your pictures! Good luck house hunting!

Tiff said...

Girl time is the best. and I couldnt agree more on your first love!

Jen said...

I know it sounds bad but...I'm counting the days until lent is over!

Cassi said...

I can't to see how it goes Sunday! Be sure and keep me posted...Love ya!

Stacy said...

Katie- Just to by to see the new Edition of WILW...Hopefully its in the works! See ya soon!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

The best thing is feeling blessed by friends!

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