Sunday, May 1, 2011


The girls and I had a blast at Miranda Lambert on Thursday!
We decided to go big for our "last night" together and rode in style! So fun.

Our driver (thanks Mr. G!! ;)) for the evening obliged us and took a picture for us after our YUMMY steakhouse dinner.
Sheri, Vanessa, Me, Cassi, Mandi, Lexi

After dinner, we got fired up for the concert!
Don't mind the bling in my mouth.

Josh Kelley & Justin Moore were the opening acts.

It was dark in there, so all my pictures are pretty terrible,
but here's Miranda in all her glory.

Pink geetar and all!

She put on a great concert! We had so much fun singing along with every song :)

I'm so thankful that Cooper HS brought us all together. I just know this wasn't really our last night together...we have way too much fun together to let it end here! I'm so blessed by each of you in such different ways. Thank you for your friendship, for making me laugh, letting me cry, helping me grow, and for showing me the ropes of being a c-wife! Love y'all!


Cassi said...

Love ya more!

Brittany said...

What a wonderful night! Doesn't look like it could have gotten any better!

Mateya said...

How fun! You're right...if you have that much fun together, you will make sure to keep in touch even when you're not living in the same town anymore!

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