Monday, May 2, 2011

shattered dreams

I love to watch HGTV. I enjoy just about every show they have, but one of my favorites is House Hunters. Rob even loves it (not that he'd ever admit to it).
With our recent house hunting experiences, I realized that I'd never make the cut as an HGTV house hunter. It's a tough realization, but I just have to accept it.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. I could never choose from 3 houses. I like options.

2. I don't use the word SPACE enough.
Have y'all ever noticed how much they say that?
"Oh this is a nice space; I love this space; this space is perfect; I'm not sure if there's enough space in this space."

3. I can tell if a house is a contender about 30 seconds after walking in the door. They'd never get a 30 minute episode outta' me.

4. Rob & I always split directions after going in. Then we holler at each other from opposite sides of the house. Annoying much?

5. I'm way too dramatic. On our first Temple house hunting adventure, I couldn't even speak for fear of crying from disliking the houses so much.

6. I would not be able to stand in a bathroom/closet/bedroom and analyze every single detail. I either like it, or I don't like it. Black and white.

7. I'm just not sure that we dress snappy enough. Oh the sweater vests and coordinating polos you see on that show. It's amazing, really.

I'll just go ahead and stop there - 7 is a good number.

I sure am glad we found our perfect-for-us house in Temple, and hopefully our house hunting days have been put to rest for a little while!
In the meantime, I'll brush up on my describing words, and maybe, just maybe we can apply to HGTV when we're ready to buy our vacation home in Fiji.
(Ha, yeah right. A girl can dream big ;))


Heather said...

Haha! You know what's funny is that my sister saw an article, sort of a "Behind the Scenes" of House Hunters, and it said that they choose couples that are already in Escrow for the show! So, they've already seen all of the houses and chosen before the show starts filming.

I really do enjoy watching it though!

(And sorry if that was a fun-ruiner; I was always curious how they chose so easily on the show)

Mateya said...

That is too funny...I wouldn't do well on the show either!

Kelly Mann said...

This is so funny because we were going to be on it! Ha! My sister lives in LA and is good friends with one of the main casting producers for the show. She said they are always looking for new people because so many of the applicants are NOT normal!

The funniest thing about it is, you don't do any of the filming until you are under contract on the house (and sometimes you have already closed on it)! So you're not actually picking from just three houses, you've already picked yours and you just go through and tour two other random houses. They fake you out like that!

I had already been talking with her about being on it and we had settled on our house. The only reason we didn't do it is because our contract almost fell through a week before close and I couldn't think of anything but getting in the house! Plus, we were living in a tiny apartment with some wedding gifts still in their boxes at his parents' house. We would have had to close on the house and then wait until they could come film (maybe a month) before moving in or doing any of our renovations and that wasn't going to happen!

I told her that next time we buy a house, we'll definitely try again!

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