Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cruise-Days 3 & 4

Day 3 of the cruise was our Cozumel stop. We weren't docking until the afternoon, so we spent the morning eating breakfast together and playing miniature golf!

After lunchtime, we were in Mexico! Gorgeous blue waters...

Carnival Imagination
(or Immigration as Kathy originally thought! haha!)

Nanny's favorite cocktail is a margarita, so she wanted to have one in Mexico. When in Rome, right? We ordered them up, and the guy came out with these foot-long goodness!

The grandparents went back to the ship, and the 'kids' went to this beach called Playa Mia. They had all kinds of beach activities there...kayaking, paddle boats, snorkeling, a water trampoline, volleyball, etc. We decided to kayak and paddle boat first; the boys went in a kayak and the girls went in a paddle boat. We had been out in the water for no more than 5 minutes, and we had a minor emergency occur. Will was trying to splash us, his ore drug a bit, and he smacked Rob right on the noggin with his paddle. Whoops. I was pretty panicked because his forehead was SO swollen in like 2 seconds, and blood was streaming down his face.

We paddled right back to the beach, got some first aid care and everything was fine. Luckily the cut wasn't deep at all, Rob just had a little bit of a headache and a big fat goose-egg! We were all laughing about it for the rest of the trip. Brothers! They're just kids forever :)

We steered clear of the water trampoline and inflatable rock climbing wall for fear of injury for the rest of the day, so we just floated in the ocean and played volleyball! Pretty safe choices ;)

Johnny was our waiter for the day...he was great!

Day 4 was a "fun day at sea" as they call it, so we didn't do a whole lot. Mostly just laid by the pool and hung out. We had a fun 'farewell' dinner that night, and hit the sack pretty early.
We had an early morning and a day full of travel ahead.
One last twin pic...

I love this picture Kathy took of us...thanks cous!! :)

All in all, the cruise was a lot of fun! We are so grateful to Nanny and Popo for taking us all on a family vaycay...we spent tons of quality time together and laughed A LOT, and that's what it's all about, right? We are blessed.

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Brandi said...

Man, you have a cool Nanny and Popo, I'm jeals!!!!! Your poor hubs!!!! YEAH for vacay!! Oh, the huge margarita...awesome!

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