Friday, July 22, 2011

DIY graphic art

While surfing Pinterest one day, I found a couple (1 & 2) of little art projects that looked easy enough for even ME to do. So I set out to get 'em done.
The chevron one was done on shoe box lids, which is a great idea, but I wanted something a little more 'permanent', so I found 4 canvases at Big Lots...

A whopping $7 for the larges ones and $3 for the small ones! My kinda prices!
A little side-note...the original canvases I had in my cart were $8 & $4, then I stumbled across the EXACT same ones in another area of the store for less.
Strange...and I was overly happy about saving $4.

So I brought them home, dug out my masking tape and got busy. I used 2 different width tapes for these. Just start slapping tape on real pattern to it. I did use the same amount of each strip on the canvases though...just for some continuity.

Also, before you start painting, make sure there are no bubbles in the tape.
You want it to be really smooth so paint won't bleed underneath the tape. I'm sure that's a "duh" for most, but not for unartistic types like myself!

For the chevron pattern, I just kind of eye-balled my pattern. Even though I would consider myself OCD, I never have the patience for templates or measuring when it comes to stuff like this. I ended up using the corner pieces that were on the canvases when I bought them and roughly traced with those.

Then tape off the pattern just inside the pencil lines. I would then recommend erasing the pencil marks...unless you're using a dark paint, then it won't matter!

Then start painting! Spray painting would probably be the easiest way to go, but I used those spongey brushes (technical term) for a couple reasons:
1. I'm terrible at spray-painting.
2. It makes me feel more artistic to use an actual brush ;-)

Then, the hardest part: waiting. I let the paint dry over night to be sure it was completely dry. Once they're dry, pull of the tape, and you're left with masterpieces!

I really, really love the way they turned out!

I think this 'modern' touch is perfect with the more traditional quilt I have in this bedroom.

What do you think? :-)

If you like my paint colors, they're Americana acrylics from HobLob:
Spa Blue, Baby Blue, Sea Glass & Hauser Light Green


Kelly Mann said...

Looks great!

Mateya said...

Seriously that is sooo cool and I think it's easy enough that I could even do it ha!

Kaila said...

Look at you! How cute are those?!

Michelle said...

LOVE these, great job! I might have to copy for the navy/white/lime chevron pattern little boy's room i'm planning! :)

molly said...

darling Katie! what a great idea and i do love the price -might have to check our big lots.don't you LOVE pinterest? such great ideas!!

Kerbi said...

I LOVE them! You did a fabulous job!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute idea...great pop of color!

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