Tuesday, September 20, 2011

workin' for the weekend

Ever feel like that's all you're doing during the week? I know I do. I hate that feeling, really, because I don't want to wish my life away, but the weekends are just so much more fun than the weekdays! Especially when we have fun plans to look forward to like visiting these two:
It was our bi-week last week, and we took FULL advantage of the fact that Rob had Friday evening and all day Saturday off. After all, a day off only happens once during the months of August-November/December. We decided to head south to San Antonio to visit Kenneth and Nicole, shop a little and eat our favorite foods.
When we got there Friday night we headed straight for Jason's Deli (we've missed it) then to the house where my awesome SIL had freshly baked GF cookies waiting for me us.
We just hung out that night and went to bed pretty early. Saturday, the boys floated the river while the girls shopped. I had one successful morning of shopping...got the barstools I've been wanting, maid shoes for Lexi's wedding, and some seriously yummy smelling fall candles from Bath & Body Works.
That night we ate at my FAV restaurant...P.F. Chang's, of course! If you know me, you know how much I love that place. Safe to say baby G agrees with his/her mama on this one!
Unfortunately, we had to come back to reality Sunday morning. But it was alright because I had Sunday plans to keep me busy! After a yummy lunch with friends, I came home and got to work. Usually I'm SO lazy on Sundays, but this one was different.
I was bit by the productivity bug and didn't sit down until that night.
Got the house picked up/cleaned and worked on a few different crafts.
Here are the new barstools:
Love them! And really love having 5 additional places for guests to sit.
The picture on the right is a collage frame I've had sitting empty since we got married. I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I had to copy it, so I cut out some scrapbook paper in the colors of our laundry room, hung it up and voila! Weekly calendar on the way out the door! Perfect! 
And the easiest thing ever to do.

Hopefully this weekend will be lots of fun too! 
Hint, Hint....MOM :)

Thanks KB & Nicole for everything! Our "welcome" gift was the sweetest, and we loved getting to spend some time with y'all...it's ALWAYS fun with you! Love you both!!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Ok, loving the week memo board! Another Pinterest idea, no? :) Love it. I need to make one for our place!

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