Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I haven't linked up for WILW Wednesday in awhile! I always seem to forget...until, you know, Thursday morning or something. Ah, not today, my friends!
 First things first, I'm LOVING that we are finally getting a break from the heat here in Texas! Temps in the upper 80s are feeling amazing right now, and I'm diggin it.
I am looking forward to the weather being even cooler so I can bust out the skinny jeans, boots, and sweaters! Can't wait. How adorable is this outfit? Love it. Want it.
 P.S. - Can maternity jeans still be considered skinny? I vote yes.
I'm LOVING Bath & Body Works fall scents. I always have seasonal soaps in my kitchen and bathroom, and they have the yummiest scents right now. Loving their candles too...current favorites are Pumpkin Caramel Latte & Salty Caramel. Mmm.

I'm LOVING this funny e-card I saw on Pinterest. Life of a coach's wife right here:
And speaking of football, I am absolutely LOVING watching my baby-daddy coach up his kids every Friday night. Seeing him in his zone makes all the hours apart worth it. 
I love that he loves his job and that it brings him so much joy.
He can often be found with a whiteboard and his 2 amigos, Berna & Dunnam...

I hope you're loving this beautiful fall day as much as I am!
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Julia said...

I love that orange purse in that outfit!!

Happy wednesday!

Kaila Nickel said...

Oh my gosh. Please only refer to Rob as your baby-daddy from here on. I just laughed so hard.

Elizabeth said...

I love the smell of fall candles and that outfit is cute!

Lori said...

oh i just bought an 'autumn' scented candle from bath and body and i am totally and completely in love. love your blog!

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