Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Happy Wednesday lovelies! 
Check out Jamie's blog to see what everyone else is loving on this beautiful fall day!
 I'm loving that our Christmas decor is out and adding lots of cheer to our home! I also love that Rob loves it all as much as I do...he got it all out for me and helped me decorate! Sweet man.
 I'm loving the app Red Stamp. Have y'all heard of it? You can basically create and e-mail, text, or print and snail-mail cute little cards for ANY occasion. There are tons of free options, but the ones that do cost are still just $.99! I used Red Stamp for our Gender Reveal party invites as we were under a time crunch due to football...
Some of my girlfriends and I use them just to send each other a happy hello, too. 
Check it's so fun!

I'm loving hot chocolate with marshmallows! favorite evening "snack."
 I'm loving my new pair of maternity jeans! 
Ha, they are so comfy and were perfect for Thanksgiving ;-)
I'm loving the reason I need said maternity jeans WAY more though!
Here's the sweet angel girl snuggling on her tummy at our last u/s...isn't she cute??
And, obviously, I'm loving my baby daddy! He's the best, really. I can hardly wait to watch him get wrapped around her tiny little finger. He's going to be great!

What are you loving today?


Elizabeth said...

I'm going to have to check out this Red Stamp thing. Congrats on your pregnancy!

Beth Ann said...

You are so cute! Almost makes me miss being pregnant! ;) LOVED my maternity jeans. So comfy. Unfortunately, not loving the fact that I'm still wearing them 2 months post baby. ;) But he's worth it. ;)

New follower! :)

- Beth Ann

WesleyCristin said...

I LOVE Red Stamp! Such a cool App.

Your tree looks awesome. I love anything and everything that lights up and glitters around this time of year:)

Sarah said...

Aww congrats on having a little girl!! And I want those jeans! Haha definitely would've been nice to have on Thanksgiving :)

Ketrin Jones said...

You are sooo adorable!! I love the invitation!

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