Sunday, November 13, 2011

win the day.

Last year, the Temple Wildcats went 1-9 on the season.
This year they were picked to finish number 7 (out of 8) in our district.

Instead, they tied for 2nd in district and went to playoffs.
They faced (and overcame) adversity, showed their town just how talented they really are, and gave everyone a new-found hope for the Wildcats.
Rob coaching up his kids at yesterday's playoff game
The Temple Wildcats faced a tough team in the Longview Lobos yesterday (ranked 4th in the state) and gave them a run for their money. Our defense gave the Lobos a lot more trouble than they were expecting, but unfortunately we didn't pull out the win.
The kids should be proud of the way they improved and played this season. I know the coaches sure are proud of them. And I'm, of course, proud of the coaches for not only providing the leadership they needed but, also, love.
This season was a fun ride, and it's always sad to see it go, but I know we have a lot to look forward to next year! The Cats are just getting started now!



Roxanne said...

Well said, Katie! I was a very good year. I'm proud to be a Wildcat! So thankful for you & Rob and baby Galusha! You both are a huge asset to the team and the town.

Mateya said...

Great job Wildcats!!!

Now you can have a gender reveal party! :)

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