Monday, January 16, 2012

lingerie + "last" fling

Last weekend was Lexi's lingerie party in Abilene. 
Her sister and cousins hosted a fun girls-only party, and Lexi got some adorbs stuff!
some of the girls
anna + kasey 
high school besties -- NGC!! 
food table
homemade sushi
 lexi playing a panty game + 'lingerie' from her mama!
lexi + the maids 
This weekend some of the maids hosted a Bachelorette party here in Temple. 
Lexi wanted a low-key girls weekend as opposed to a crazy night out.
We had a lot of girly fun and ate a lot of yummy food!
 lexi + bachelorette barbie...she had a crazy night!
myself + the bride 
reception TOMS!
custom painted just for her 
michelle + kristen + lexi + big mama

Hope you've had so much fun being celebrated, Lexi! We're all looking forward to being there for you on one of the best days of your life! Savor every moment. LYLAS!


Mateya said...

Oh my gosh my best friend and I always used to say LYLAS after emails and such hahah! Too funny!

Seriously in the first pictures you don't even look look fantastic!

Loved to see the belly in the last pictures though :)

Beth Ann said...

It all looks so fun! Love the barbie cake and LOVE the Tom's!

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