Sunday, May 20, 2012

DIY burlap cork-board

There is a huge wall in our living room that has stumped me since we moved into this house. The builder intended for the TV to be mounted there, so there were outlets halfway up the wall. Well, I could not get our furniture arranged in a way that was cohesive with that plan, so I was left with a very large, empty wall.
It finally hit me to make a cork board of sorts that I could change photos, printables, etc. out regularly. After all, we have a baby girl that is changing by the day now!
So I ran the idea by my mom, and we put my plan into action.

insulation foam board (the blue stuff at Lowe's) - we cut ours down to about 3'x5'
rolled cork (the thin kind)
spray adhesive

Cut the foam board down to necessary size with a box cutter, adhere the cork to the foam, then adhere the burlap to the cork. It's important to pull the burlap tight and smooth it as you go or you'll end up with a bubbly mess. You don't get many chances with spray works fast! 

I can hardly take credit for the construction of this little mom and dad did most of it! All I did was print out pictures and gather the supplies to put on the board.
I found the prints on Pinterest, of course! 
The number five represents our anniversary (July 5th) and our baby girl's birthday (April 5th). It just may be our family number now!
The cross, "G", numbers, and football sign all came from HobLob.
Let me let you in on a little secret...Office Max is the place to get pictures/prints printed off! It's super cheap! Definitely the most inexpensive place I've come across anyway. I love a bargain!
 I may fill it in a little more, but for now I'm happy with what is on it!

I'm so happy to finally have this wall filled! It's been bugging me for the last year. I also love that we can change it out easily and inexpensively...this will allow me to change pictures often if I want to and be able to add seasonal prints/decor. Fun!

Hope you like it! :)

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Mateya said...

What a great idea!

Kay said...

Looks great!!

Loren said...

Cute idea! Love it!

Michelle said...

it's perfect for that wall. look at you, crafty newborn Momma! :)

Stephanie said...

I love this idea!!! I might just steal it for the baby's room!

Heather said...

That is SO cute!

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