Wednesday, May 2, 2012

hodge-podge update

Hello again! I can't make any promises for regular posting, but I'll get there! We're still trying to get this baby thing figured out over here :) I don't know how you super-moms do it with your once a day posting. I feel like I have to decide if I want to eat, shower, get a couple things done at home, or nap when Jaqs is napping! I know it'll be different when she's on a more set schedule and sleeping through the night, but for now, I'm a little tired! But I'm sure that's a many moms of newborns are well-rested? Zero.

Jaqs LOVES to nap on the chest of mommy, daddy, G-Pop, or Grammie. It must be soothing to her, and I can't blame her! Sweet girl.
 Baby girl made her first road trip last week, and she did great! She slept the whole 3 hour  trip both there and back after filling up her tummy. Rob had track and football last weekend, so we went to Abilene so we didn't have to spend the weekend alone. We had a lot of fun, but we sure missed daddy!
Jaqs got to meet Natalie, and I think Natalie was smitten with our girl! She was ready to babysit after getting to hold her ;) It doesn't seem like long ago when Natalie was this tiny, and now she's 4.5! Why does time fly by so quickly??
 Jaqs loves her paci! She usually has her hand over it like this:
 Momma & baby ready to go shopping with Grammie :)
 I could just eat her up! Sweet thing.
My dad had to work much of the time we were in Abilene, so he came back to Temple with us for a couple days to hang out, and we're so glad he did! Being alone all day gets pretty lonely, so it's been nice to have him here :) It makes it a lot easier to get things done when you've got an extra set of arms that are ready and willing to help!
 My mom is a jewel. She let me sleep through the night TWICE while we were in was wonderful. I got some bottles pumped, so she got up with Jaqs while I got rested up. I definitely woke up feeling good but ready to feed, if ya know what I mean ;) Yowza. 
Thank you Grammie!!
 Spring football is in full swing around here, so that means Rob is gone from home from about 5:15 a.m.-7:45 p.m. Sad!! It's hard on all of us! Last year we had to do the long-distance thing for Spring ball in the midst of a move, and this year we have a newborn! Maybe next year will be a little more manageable. I definitely do NOT want to wish our baby girl's life away, but we are sure looking forward to summer when we have a little more time with daddy. Then time could just stand still awhile ;) Oh, it doesn't work like that, does it? Dang.
In other news, I had Jaqs' birth story about ready to be published, and I started messing with the placement of pictures when Blogger suddenly deleted parts of my post! UGH!!! So frustrating to me. I don't like the changes! So once I figure out what's been deleted, I'll finally be able to get that posted.

Jaqs is grunting in her swing, gearing up for her next meal, so I better run!
Thanks for hanging in there with us :)


Shelley said...

Jaqs is precious!!

Table4One said...

You little bundle is precious :) I love the little pink dress and headband!

Cassi said...

You are a great mommy with a great support system! Remember it takes a village ;) Love ya!

Mateya said...

How sweet of your mom to let you sleep through the night! I bet that was wonderful!

I can imagine how hard it is not having Rob home with you as much as you want. We are going to be in the exact same situation when Baby B is born. Planting and spraying fields will be in full swing so it'll be dawn til dark for my Rob too. AND he has a mandatory guard drill that we just found out about from June 7-10 so I will be alone with a newborn for 4 days then and I am already dreading it! I think we will do the same as you and pack up and head to grandma and grandpas :)

Shayna Wilson said...

You are so cute! And I love reading your blog! <3 Cherish each moment because you're right, they are fleeting!!

Jenna E said...

She is a living doll! So nice that your mom got up with her so you could rest up. we are having our baby in July and my parents are coming out end of Aug. I know I will be absolutely ready for all the help I can get by then

Heather said...

I am LOVING all of her hair!!! And things will get a lot easier once she's on a schedule.

Beth Ann said...

So glad to see a post from you! I wasn't a great blogger in the newborn phase either...but it gets easier and more routine and the main'll be getting more sleep which makes a world of difference! :)

Jaqs is just a doll. So sweet. That is absolutely awesome that your mom took the night shift a couple of nights. So great!

I feel for you on the yucky hubby schedule. Shon went back to work, working nights and sleeping through the day, just a few days after Holden was born. It's NO FUN. Not only do you need the help/support but you also just want the family time. Hang in there...summer's comin'! :)


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