Tuesday, May 29, 2012

summer's on its way!

Memorial weekend kind of seems to be the kick-off of summer, and ours was great! We spent the weekend in Abilene just soaking up some family time. Always fun and needed!
How cute is this girl?! Oh how we love her.

She's crazy about her Grammie and G-Pop! I think she had a good time at their house. In fact, we all got a little extra togetherness because my parents' A/C went out Sunday night, (what timing!) so Rob and my dad installed a window unit on the fly in the master bedroom, and all 5 of us slept in there. HA! Family slumber party! I should have taken a picture.
We came home Monday...Jaqs is a little traveling rockstar! She's made the trip to Abilene twice now and has mostly slept the whole way. Bless her! And it's a good thing because we'll be making several more road-trips this summer :)
Sweet Pea was so worn out she fell asleep while having dinner with mommy and daddy!

Baby girl and I are SO ecstatic because today is daddy's last full day of work for the school year! He has half-days the rest of the week, then he's all ours! WOOHOO! After the craziness of track season and Spring football mayhem, we are all ready for some serious quality time. Of course, we'll still have to give him up for summer work-outs and 7 on 7, but we can handle that. We're looking forward to lazy mornings, fun in the sun, a family trip, and simple pleasures like just having dinner together! Oh sweet summertime, you're just what I need!


Cassi said...

No doubt!!! Makes me want to do a cart wheel!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X


Stephanie said...

Jaqs is getting SO BIG!! I love watching her grow!

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