Monday, June 25, 2012


*I don't know why this post ended up so funky looking...blogger is frustrating sometimes! I did what I could to make it normal, but it just wasn't working. Boo.*

Just wanted share a little of what we've been up to! Life has been a pretty good combination of busy yet relaxing, and this week we'll be vacationing with my family! Definitely looking forward to some fun in the sun and Jaqsy's first water experience. I hope she'll love it! If not now, I'm sure she will be a water baby by next summer :)

One morning last week, I had quite the show when I woke up. I was greeted with my usual happy morning girl, and we had a sweet little chat. Then I went to change her diaper...she sneezed a few times and we had some sort of a projectile poop thing occur.
#mommylife #keepinitreal
of course I had to let Rob know stat
It was everywhere, and I had to laugh. My how my sense of humor has changed ;)
At least I'm not sharing any pictures of the actual poo, right? Ha!

I finally got around to packing up the ol' stretchy waist maternity clothes! It's been nice being back in my regular clothes, but no one ever told me that breastfeeding kind of limits what you can wear also. Or maybe I'm just lazy. I only want to wear things with easy access, if you're pickin' up what I'm putin' down.
until next time!
Another morning last week, I looked in my girl's crib only to be greeted by Spike! Looks like Jaqsy baby was out cruisin on her motorcycle instead of sleeping  all night ;) Told y'all she had some wild hair! Love, love it.
it's a good hair day, mom!
Jaqs has started trying to parrot sounds that we make, and it cracks us up! She also tries to mimic our faces sometimes. Sweet girl, we think you're so smart!
happy face!

Grammie came to see us this weekend! We laugh because we see each other so often, but it's still never enough! Grammie and G-Pop miss this little munch when she's gone, and how could anyone blame them for that?!
reunited & it feels so good!
 Us girls grocery shopped and got things prepped for vacation this week while daddy had football, then when he got home, he took over while mom and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. It's amazing how much you can get done when you're not lugging a car-seat and stroller in and out of the car at every stop! We missed the littlest shopper though!
shopping girl!
Baby cakes had her 2-month check-up today even though she's closer to 3! She weighed in at 11 lbs 7 oz and is 22.75 in long....50th percentile for both. The shots, of course, were SO sad, but Jaqs was a brave girl! She cried when they poked her, but was fine after daddy picked her back up and gave her a hug. She's been sleeping a lot since we've been home, but no fever! Praise the Lord for that! Hopefully we'll have our happy girl back in the morning :)
poor little baby leg!
putting our brave faces on! ;)


Loren said...

Awe hope you all have fun on vacation! I so know the feeling, we see my patents often but it's never enough time! You and your mom sound a lot like my mom and I! Jaqs is so sweet! Can't get over her hair!

Stephanie said...

Enjoy your vacation!! My husband jokes that I take too many things with me when we run errands, I told him he hasn't seen nothing yet!

Heather said...

Haha, projectile poo sounds fun!

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