Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 months!

Jaqsy baby, you're 3 months old!! How is this possible? I keep telling you you're not allowed to get any bigger, but you keep doing it anyway ;) Watching you grow is so much fun, and being your momma is the most rewarding 'job' I will ever have. Daddy and I are so very thankful for you sweet are the light of our lives!

lean with it, rock with it
you are so serious sometimes! cracks us up!
mommy's little sparkler
At three months old:
  • You are such a happy baby girl! You smile all the time and love to be in on whatever action is going on around you!

  • You continue to be a great little eater, but you have become a little finicky about nursing at times. It can be frustrating for both of us, but we're powering through! You eat 5-6 times a day now, and that makes a world of difference from 7 feedings a day! We usually give you a bottle of pumped milk before bedtime so we're sure that you get plenty to eat to get you through the night. It's worked out quite well!
  • You have improved your sleeping once again! We're SO SO thankful for this! We're still working on moving bedtime up little by little, and you're still doing such a good job with that. We generally get the bath/bedtime routine going at 8:30, and you're asleep by 9-9:15. You will then sleep about 11-12 hours! Sometimes you sleep straight through, and other times you wake up to eat around 5 or 6. Either way, we're quite satisfied with this, and I think you are too!
  • As for napping, you usually take a short morning nap (45 minutes to an hour) and a long afternoon nap (2.5-3 hours). Sometimes you'll sneak an early evening cat-nap too, but it's definitely not a regular thing.
  • You now go to bed all on your own! What a big girl! During those first 6 weeks of your life, daddy and I were sure we'd be rocking you to sleep for the next 16 years ;) You seem to always want your paci to get you to sleep for your nap though.
  • You've outgrown your evening fussing now! You definitely still want extra snuggles in the evening, but mommy and daddy (and Grammie & G-Pop when they're here) are happy to oblige!
  • You love to read! We read to you each night, and you really seem to enjoy it. Makes me proud!
our little bookworm!

  • This month Grammie introduced us to Baby Magic. OH MY WORD. You're the best smelling baby after your daddy-massage. I just breath you while I feed you.
  • You still are not a fan of tummy time, so we're doing other things to help build your strength. We do "baby pull-ups" and modified tummy time on the boppy. You are really strong! Your head is as steady as can be, and you study everything around you.
  • You push up on your legs all the time...they get so stiff! Sometimes we can't even sit you down...ha!
  • Your movements have become more fluid, so you no longer 'direct traffic'. Sad!
  • You have started mimicking some sounds that we make. It makes us laugh and laugh! The best thing you do that mommy accidentally taught you is rolling your lips and blowing spit bubbles. It's really pretty humorous! Sometimes we hear you doing it in your crib when you're supposed to be sleeping though ;)
  • You are a SLOBBERPUS! My goodness. Surely you're not already working on teeth, right? We're going to have to start putting a bib on you because your shirts end up soaked down to your belly button from all your drool!
  • You LOVE your hands! They are either folded together over your chest or in your mouth pretty much constantly. You've started batting at toys too! I think you'll be grabbing (intentionally) very soon!
  • We still swaddle your arms down for your long nap and bed. I have to admit, I'm a little concerned about what's going to happen when you're too big for that ;) You're so busy!
  • Speaking of being busy, your little legs move SO FAST! You love to "run, run, run, run fast as you can!"
  • You HATE your car-seat all of the sudden. You've never been a huge fan of getting in it, but you used go to sleep 5 minutes in to the ride. No more! Sometimes you'll still nap, but it has made for some long road-trips! Hopefully you'll get back to tolerating it soon!
poor girl! we took the insert out, so that seems
more comfortable. plus, it was rubbing your hair off! :(
  • As much as you hate getting there, you love to be out and about! You love to look at all the new stuff wherever we are!
  • You got your 2-month shots just over a week ago, and you did so well with them. We were proud! You cried pretty hard with the stick, but after daddy scooped you back up you were fine. We went home and fed you, then you napped for 3 hours. You were pretty sad when you woke up, so you got more Tylenol, ate, and slept for another 2 hours. After that you were back to being happy! No fever...what a girl!
  • You weighed 11 lbs, 7 oz and were 23 inches long at your appointment! 50th percentile for both. You have very nice leg rolls and a delectable double chin! I love your chub!
  • You are still in size 1 diapers.
  • You wear 3 month, 3-6 month and some 6 month clothes. I packed away all your newborn and 0-3 month clothes...tear!

You are so much fun, Jaqsy girl! Can't imagine life without you.
We love, love, love YOU!


Beth Ann said...

So sweet! She is sleeping so awesome!!! I am going to have to be better about gettin my next baby into his/her crib sooner I think! ;) Is the Baby Magic lotion different or better than J&J baby lotion? Just curious. I love a yummy smelling baby! About the swaddling- no worries- they make those swaddled sacks pretty big! Can't believe she is already 3 months old. Sad but also really does just keep getting better and better. :)

Emily said...

I know it's been awhile since I stopped by, but she is getting so BIG! It goes by too quickly :( And she looks ADORABLE in her little 4th of July outfit!

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