Thursday, July 12, 2012


I've had good blogging intentions every day this week, but so far it just hasn't happened! So how about a little hodge-podge to get us caught up on the happenings and thoughts...

  • Last night (7-11) Jaqs LAUGHED out LOUD for the first time! Oh my word. Talk about sweet sounds. It's definitely up there with my top 5 favorite 'parenting moments' thus far. I mean sure, I've heard lots of babies laugh, but nothing compares to hearing your own munchie belly laugh...especially when it's you that they're finding so funny! ;) Unfortunately Rob wasn't home to see it, but I got it all on video, so he got to relive it with us.

  • Speaking of that angel baby...I feel like she has changed a lot in the last 2 weeks! It seems like she's suddenly doing so many new things---sleeping 12-13 hours (hallelujah!), tolerating, and dare I say enjoying, tummy time, 'standing' and pushing up constantly, gnawing on her hands during all waking hours (gearing up for teeth??), grabbing and batting at toys. I'm sure I'm leaving something out. Babies are such little miracles. What a gift from God to be able to watch this little one develop and learn before my very eyes.
  • I love the look of the Erin Condren Life Planners and would love to have one, but I don't think spending $50 on a planner is exactly practical for me. I mean, I'm not really even that busy with 'planned' things in the first place. Also, I'm a tight-wad. I admit it.

  • We've been spending lots of time with daddy around here, and it has been awesome. Seriously, our days are so much fun when we can spend all hours together! As much as I love football games, I admit that I am pretty sad that it's back to work for Rob next week ;( At least we still have some weekends before the 7-days-a-week grind hits.

  • I'm sure I'm behind on this game, but I signed up for Viggle! Are you a member? Is it worth it? I'm not sure I fully understand it, but I figure it's worth a shot!
  • I've been thinking a lot about what I want to be 'when I grow up' lately, and I think I'd make one heck of a professional organizer. Is that a thing? I don't think I could handle hoarder type houses though. If that fails, I wouldn't mind being the next Vanna White. Home girl's got it made...different dress every night, vacations for the sake of the show, AND she doesn't even have to flip the dang letters any more...just touch them. I could so rock that job.
  • I hadn't been on Pinterest in ages, but I'm back! And just in time because I'm needing new dinner ideas for when Rob starts back to work. Quick and easy is what I'm looking for here. Any suggestions??

Alright, that's all I've got for now...Happy Thursday, lovies! 


Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

I must say, I was enthralled by Erin Condren planners as well, and bought one when I had a 50% off coupon. They are ADORABLE, but for practicality, I am not impressed. I carry my planner with me EVERYWHERE, and this one is really a bit too large for that, so I find myself not pulling it out as often and using it, which defeats the purpose. Because I am also "cheap" I will use it until the end of the year when it runs out, ha! But then I think I'm going back to the Moleskine Large Weekly that it has room for a "if nothing else this must get done" list every week! And I normally order a vinyl monogram from Etsy for the front to spice it up a bit :)

Megan said...

oh i have been dying for the life planner! I think i actually love how chunky it is haha! i to am trying to justify the $50!

Love how sweet she is growing! She's glad your enjoying your time home with her!

and if theres such a think as a professional organizer SIGN ME UP..clutter makes me gag haha!

Beth Ann said...

I have a life planner- I like it a lot but def don't pay full price. Wait until a deal comes along. I've seen the 50% off deal a few times. That's how I got mine. Would have never paid full price- no matter how awesome it is.

Baby laughs are the best!!!!!!!

I joined viggle but then never used it so I deleted it.

H started chewing on everything around that age and STILL has no teeth!

Cooking- we are boring around here. Stir fry is always easy. Frozen tilapia (cooked of course) with old bay seasoning is yummy and ridiculously easy. We tend to have boring veggie sides but it's cheap, easy, and healthy. We are big fans of Bush's baked beans- steakhouse recipe is the best. Hahaha, I feel like a loser now.

Beth Ann said...

PS- find me on pinterest! I have a board of things I've actually tried and there are some recipes on there. If I tried it, It was easy!!!

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