Thursday, August 23, 2012

baby reflux

Wow, this week has been rough, y'all. I think I mentioned in Jaqs' last monthly update that she has reflux, which is heartbreaking, but she has been doing so well on her Zantac. She's been happy, eating great, and content afterwards. All that changed this week. My poor angel girl has been suffering, and it has been heart wrenching to see her in pain.
sometimes I feel this way about football, too ;)
She hasn't been resting well during the day, and has logged a lot of hours in my arms in the last few days. Poor girl is hoarse from so much crying :'( The picture on the right shows how she's been spending her afternoons...I guess this is the only way that feels good on her tum.
 Thankfully, when she does take a nap on me, she always wakes up feeling better. And I have to admit, I have missed her sleeping on my chest like she did as a newborn babe!
I'm happy to report that today has been a MUCH better day! Her pedi upped her dosage of Zantac to 1 mL twice a day. She woke up happy, took a (short) morning nap and is napping in her crib right now...HALLELUJAH! She was definitely still uncomfortable while she ate, but I'm thankful she's resting and not spending the afternoon upset.

Have any of you experienced reflux with your little ones?? If you have any advice or words of wisdom, I'd love to hear what you have to say! I'm nervous about going forward with solids as I definitely don't want to rock the boat and make her miserable, but I have heard they can also help.
If you'd rather e-mail me, I'd love to chat!
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Thanks so much!


Kallie McFall said...

You might think about getting her adjusted by a chiropractor. We have many friends who have had babes with reflux and a few simple adjustments made a huge difference! Good luck!

Kaycee Gossett said...

Kaeden never has really been diagnosed with reflux, but we had a time where after every meal he would get real cranky and would vomit. So our pediatrician (& many other parents) told us to elevate one end of the bed so they will sleep inclined. Unfortunately our little boy would turn and roll so it didn't work 100% but when we laid him down he wouldn't fuss. So if you have a way to elevate her while she sleeps that may help?. Hope she gets better! She's such a beauty...good luck!

Mateya said...

I have heard that the Chiropractor can do great things for babies with reflux problems! Maybe it's worth a try??

We found out that H might have reflux too but his is totally different, he never actually spits up but he sounds congrested all the time, which apparently can be another side effect of reflux, it just gets "stuck" and never makes it out! We're going to re-evaluate at his 4 month check.

Glad Jaqs is feeling better with the higher dose of medicine though! Poor thing!

Jenn said...

My little one had a small reflux problem and we put a pillow under one end of his bed sheet to help elevate him a bit and it seemed to help. Also, when we started solids, the reflux went away slowly after - so there may be a bit of break in your future!

Jenni said...

Ditto On the chiropractor! One of my twins had reflux and we had her (and her sis) adjusted...totally new baby even after 1st adjustment and that was at 6 weeks!

Brandie Brown said...

I also agree with the chiro comments. The other thing that we figured out was that the let-down of my milk was too quick and my little one was getting too much milk too fast. After lots of help from the lc we finally came up with a solution to slow down my milk. Once this was figured out we never had to use the Zantac again and had a new baby:)

Good luck and many prayers for a quick solution! I know hard it can be!

Megan Diane Gibbs said...

chiro chiro chiro! L had silent reflux, and after a few trips we never had a problem again! I take her every couple of months to make sure everything is aligned! Its amazing what it can do, Ill bet it improves her sleep too!

Heather said...

Poor sweet girl!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Aww poor baby! One of my girlfriends' has a baby with really bad reflux and I know it's really hard on all of them. Poor baby. I hope you can figure out something that works for your little girl!

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