Wednesday, August 29, 2012

cheeseball & chiro

If you follow me on Instagram (@ktgalu) then you've seen these pictures (sorry)....if you don't, well, you should be if you love cute baby overload. 
That's pretty much what's filling up my feed.
Anyway, Jaqs is one happy girl, and I'm so thankful for that! Her whole face smiles, and sometimes her grins are so big they make her whole body squirm with glee! I can't not smile back at her when she gives me these cheeseball grins...even when she's supposed to be napping ;)
dripping sweet
jumping is fun!
loves to be on the go
have you seen this baby in the mirror?!

On another note, after all the advice I got about taking Jaqs to the chiropractor for reflux, I made an appointment. That's something I never, in a million years, thought I'd say. I've never been to one myself, so it's never even occurred to me, but I started researching it online, and wow! There are tons of success stories with chiropractic therapy. We had a consultation this morning, and the doctor said Jaqs has some misaligned areas in her back and neck. We have another appointment tomorrow afternoon to start some adjustments on her, so if you wouldn't mind, would you please say a prayer that it goes well and that this will give her some relief from her acid reflux? I would be forever grateful.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Stephanie said...

I just sent you a IG request.. let's hook up!! And will send positive thoughts and a little prayer your way.

Jenn said...

Sending a prayer your way - I hope all works out!

Beth Ann said...

I have heard of chiropractors doing great things for babies. My hubs is a huge skeptic and would never let me take H to one. Guess it's a doctor thing. ?! Hope it helps! Looks like her increased dosage is working! I love her smile!

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