Thursday, August 30, 2012

incredibly easy DIYs

At one of my baby showers, this adorably shabby frame was hanging on the door with an "Oh Baby!" scroll across it. Seen here:
We had it on our front door for awhile, but it's been hanging empty and lonely on a wall in our guest room for the last several months. I don't spend much time in there, so I kinda forgot about it, really. I finally got around to doing something with it a few weeks ago, so I wanted to pretend I was crafty and share it with y'all!
 I stapled 3 rows of jute to the back of the frame, printed off some pictures plus one cute little printable I found on Pinterest (where else?), then attached the pictures with mini clothespins. Voila! I love it! It will be so easy to update here and there as well.
 I also glued jute around a wine bottle to add to the table beside the guest bed:

Both of these projects were super simple and inexpensive. It's kind of a stretch to even call them "DIYs" because a 4 year old could literally do it. Although, I did withstand a pretty legit hot glue-gun burn from the wine bottle project, so maybe a 4 year old shouldn't be left unsupervised with that one ;)


Mateya said...

I love both of those! I definitely think I will do the wine bottle thing...did it take a long time?

Stephanie said...

I'm in the process of finding the perfect spot for my own burlap board that you inspired me to make. I think I'm going to put it in the office.

Roxanne said...

Katie, you are so funny! Thanks for making me smile. After losing 4 games tonight I needed it!

Danielle said...

Tacky Glue also works great for wrapping the wine bottle with the jute. I used twine when I did mine and used Tacky Glue. Took a little longer since you have to hold it as you glue to make it stick, but no burns! :)

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