Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites

I finally got on the Clarisonic wagon thanks to my birth and generous parents! I've been wanting for one of these things for awhile, and my mom delivered! So far I've loved it. It's a little soon to say if it's making a visible difference in my skin, but it does feel really good after I use it. Fresh and clean!
Some e-cards just never get old. This one struck me as particularly funny ;)
I've been whipping up some baby food for the freezer in preparation for the girl, and it's so much fun to me for some weird reason! The Baby Bullet makes it way easy. So far I've made gluten free oatmeal, organic peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes!
I know coconut is one of those things that most people either love or hate, but if you're a lover of it like I am, then GO GET THIS. Immediately. It makes my taste-buds so very happy.
I came across these containers at Marshall's last weekend, and I couldn't resist them. My poor husband probably feels like an elementary school kid with the lunches I make him!
Even though Rob has been hard at work for several weeks, tonight marks the true beginning of football season. The Temple Wildcats are taking on Round Rock tonight.
Here's our 2012 program picture...our first one as a family of 3! Jaqs, of course, wouldn't crack a smile. Can't blame her...she didn't have mom, dad, or any of her grandparents to entertain. And it was in the middle of her "nap-time."
I'm a little hesitant to reveal my goofy baby voice here, but I dare you to watch this video and NOT smile. If you can do it, then you have no soul! Kidding....sorta.

Have an excellent holiday weekend!


Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

Her laugh is so sweet!! I want a Clarisonic!!

Mateya said...

Love that video of her! Sooo stinkin cute! :)

Loren said...

Have you tried Green Mountain's island coconuts coffee? It's WONDERFUL! Jaqs is so precious!

Megan said...

What a gorgeous family picture! Y'all are so cute!!

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