Monday, September 3, 2012

the weekend: GPop, victory & fun

On Friday morning my awesome dad (G-Pop) rolled into Temple to spend the weekend with his girls and only favorite son-in-law! We were so excited to see him because we weren't expecting him until that night...tricky, tricky ;)
Jaqsy girl loves her some GP!
 While GP went to play a quick round of golf, Jaqs had a nap, and we went up to the high school to wish daddy good luck in the game that night and to give him kisses, of course!
cutest little cheerleader!
Visiting daddy at school is our new thing because most nights the baby girl is already in bed by the time he gets home. Life as a coaching fam!
The rest of the afternoon was spent playing and napping...
Our game that night was about 45 minutes down the road, and I figured I would go late after Jaqs took her bath and everything, but my dad insisted that I go with the girls...he could handle it! And handle it, he did: 2 hours of playing, bath, lotion, jammies, bottle & bed...what a guy!! :)
good work, GPop!
I didn't worry about a thing while I was gone because I knew Jaqsy girl was in good hands! So I got to enjoy the night with my c-wives watching our guys do what they do.
coaching 'em up
Best looking coach I've ever seen!
The Wildcats won their season opener 41-24!! Great way to kick off the 2012 season!

Saturday was pretty low key...we just hung out together, went to dinner, and spent the evening watching, what else, football! :)

We had a big breakfast on Sunday, then Rob went to work around lunch time. GPop topped off the weekend by mowing and edging the yard for us! Woohoo! We definitely appreciate that as there's not much time for such things during the season.
Thanks for everything dad! You're the best!!

Hope you're enjoying your labor day! Rob is working, but will hopefully be off by mid-afternoon, and that's a treat this time of the year! I think I'll celebrate labor day with a manicure when he gets home ;)


Jenn said...

You have one awesome dad! Looks like a great time!

Beth Ann said...

Your dad is awesome!!!

Stephanie said...

I think you may have it the baby girl, husband and Dad lottery! What a lucky lady you are to have such amazing people to share life with.

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