Monday, August 13, 2012


Hi friends! How were your weekends??
Our besties Jerrod & Julie were supposed to come stay with us this weekend, but unfortunately Julie ended up getting pretty sick, so they couldn't make it. We were bummed, but totally understood and were glad to keep the sickies away from Jaqs. Hopefully we can reschedule soon because we love having them come visit!

So instead of spending Friday waiting for our buds, Jaqsy and I just played, ran some errands, and waited for daddy to get home to spend his last weekend off with us!
errand running will wear a girl out!
On Friday evening, I handed the bambino off to her daddy after dinner, and I went over to my friend Cassi's house for a girls' night! We had Mary Kay makeovers and just spent some quality time together. We had a great time! Nights with friends are so necessary, and they're really good for the soul. I've learned that being a mommy can kind of cause you to let other things slip by the way-side, but it's so important to nurture your relationships. It's really easy to let yourself become a hermit when working around nap-times, etc., but that can make you a little crazy, too!
On Saturday morning, Rob woke me up with my sweet girl's face in there anything better? We had some family time 'talking' in bed and getting woken up before we decided to head up to the school. The locker-rooms and offices have been given a facelift, and an all new weight room was added over the summer, so Rob wanted to give me the tour. If you're interested in seeing it, just click over to the Temple Football blog.
Can you tell how impressed Jaqs was with daddy's new office?!?! ;)
And on a side note, my baby-daddy is a stud. Just saying.
 After we got home, we practiced our newfound rolling skills before it was nap-time!
After the angel baby got up from her afternoon nap, we headed over to Waco to spend a couple hours. I wanted to hit up Carter's and eat at Pei Wei. I had never been to a Carter's store because, well, I've never needed to go to one before, but I loved it! I need to go back...right now. They had an addition 30% off all their clearance, so I stocked up on comfies in bigger sizes for baby girl. I didn't even get to look at the cutesy stuff because there was so much, and my 2 sidekicks were getting impatient ;) Anyway, I got ALL of this for $40!! I was pretty happy with that. Jaqs mostly wears onesies when we're just at home, and theirs are by far our favorites! So soft and easy to get on and off.
Sunday was mostly spent just hanging out. I made one of my favorites, gluten free chicken spaghetti! Mmmm, I'm already excited to eat the leftovers for lunch ;)
We also had program pictures, so Jaqsy girl was looking all sporty in her Wildcat garb. How cute are her little feet in her tennies?! I die.
Program pictures only mean one thing...the season is upon us. 2-a-days are here, and daddy will now be gone from home 7 days a week. So sad! We're trying to put on our brave faces, but truth be told, it's always a little hard to get into the swing of things. Of course, this year will bring a whole new aspect with the addition of our bundle, but we will certainly get through it! The days will be a little longer for all of us, but it will make our time together that much sweeter! And of course, there's nothing quite like Friday Night Football!!

You are an awesome daddy, and we are so grateful for all the hard work you put in both on and off the field. Thank you for providing for us and giving me the opportunity to be at home with our girl. We know there will be long days, but we also know that you'll be coming home to us each night (or morning). Good luck this season! Go CATS!!
We love you!!


Mateya said...

Nice score at Carters!

Sad to hear Rob starts his long hours but at least this year you have a a little buddy at home and you won't be alone :)

My Rob is leaving Sunday to go to your area Texas for 2 weeks for guard training so I'm going to be single mom-ing it and I'm freaking out!

Beth Ann said...

You are such a great mommy and wife!

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