Tuesday, September 25, 2012

bye week

This last week was our bye week, so we didn't have a game Friday night. Rob was originally supposed to scout, but we found out that day that he didn't have to which meant we got to have a family night ON A FRIDAY in the FALL! It was so nice to have some uninterrupted time with our favorite guy :)
don't they look so excited to be together? love them.
 We didn't do anything truly noteworthy, just dinner and some shopping. It was a treat just to be together, really. We stopped in at Old Navy, and Jaqsy girl was loving the Old Navy mannequins. She was talking and smiling so big at them...too funny!
social girl
Rob also had off Saturday, so our friends from home, Jerrod & Julie, came to see us! We always have a good time with them, and this weekend didn't disappoint :) We had lunch when they got here, hung out, played games, and just got caught up with each other. It was so fun to have them come stay with us again! Thanks Carroll's for making the trek to Temple! Can't wait to do it again!
is the outfit julie got jaqs not ADORABLE?! love.
We also celebrated an awesome 11 year old this weekend. Lyssa is my friend, Cassi's, daughter, and she had a paint party with her girlfriends! How great of an idea is that?
 Roxanne did a guided paint with the girls, and their canvases turned out SO CUTE. Each of them were unique and beautiful. Us big girls are thinking we need to do this now too :)
How blessed are Cassi and I? Just look at these gorgeous girls...
puts a smile on my face to see Lys loving on J

I'm so thankful for the renewed spirit that a bye week brings! It was wonderful to have some extra time with Rob, and now we're ready to start district this week! 


Beth Ann said...

Glad you guys got some family time! There is a place near us called Uptown Art - they have guided paint classes where you drink wine and paint! It's a big deal around here right now. Haven't been yet but maybe one day!

Stephanie said...

I want a guided paint class/party!! I love this idea :)

Jenn said...

I love the paint party idea! How awesome that you got to spend a wonderful weekend with family and friends!

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