Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Randoms

Hi y'all! I know everyone is singing Friday's praise right now, and even though our weekend is completely up in the air, I'm no different! Love me some Friday.
I thought I'd take a cue from my friend, Mateya, and take part in a little "Friday Randoms" action.

So, the reason I don't know what's happening this weekend? 
We had a game last night, and WE WON! 63-56 (track meet!) Whether or not we're continuing on to play-offs will depend on another game in our district tonight which means I don't know whether the man will be working or at home. Phew. We shall see!
Moving right along...Jaqs' new favorite activity while I'm trying to change her diaper? Yep, rolling right on out of it. She is a major busy body these days! The leg chub is coming along nicely though, right? I love a good baby bobo picture, but I don't want to embarrass her too badly ;)
don't worry-it's clean.
And just for good measure, here's another adorable picture of my baby doll. The little smirk on her face paired with her foot kicked up is enough to due me in. I could die of cuteness overload. Not partial at all over here ;)
How I feel every single day:
I know many of you are probably feeling the same way I am about all this political business...OVER IT. Isn't it great how everyone on FB becomes an expert? Oh wait, no.
So this will be the first and last you'll hear from me about it:
lady in RED.
I also wanted to mention that I'm hosting an online Scentsy party for Mateya, so if you're interested in shopping that, we'd both greatly appreciate it! :) Plug-in warmers and refill packs would make perfect stocking stuffers!
shop HERE

Hope you lovelies have a wonderful weekend!


Mateya said...

Love the Friday Randoms :) I've been too busy to post one of my own. Love Jaqs' little leg up in the stroller, so cute!

I hate to say it but I hope the Cats lose so you can have your husband back! ;)

I have one order placed under your party already....$97 too, that's great!

Megan said...

J is so stinking cute! The leg rolls just kill me!! Haha!

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