Monday, November 12, 2012

gluten free for the holidays

My first gluten free Thanksgiving and Christmas back in 2009 were a little tricky, but my mom and I have it all figured out now. We didn't have to change much, and I continue to eat  my way through the holiday season ;) Mmmm!

My family essentially does the same meal for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's always been that way for us, and I love it because it's hard to beat a traditional turkey dinner in my book! Here's a glimpse at our feast...
Sweet Potato Casserole: we pass it off as a side dish in the South, but it's more like dessert! It's a favorite in my family.

There is ALWAYS an olive tray, and we are all adamant about which are the best. My pick? BLACK all the way. I can't stand green olives!

Sweet Tea: it's not turkey dinner without it.

The Bird: it only comes twice a year, and it's always worth the wait. We usually stuff it with onions, celery, apples, and whatever else we can find then roast it in an oven bag. It turns out perfectly browned and moist every time. Oh, and please, no butterballs! For traditional turkey gravy, we boil a saucepan of the juice then stir in several tablespoons of cornstarch dissolved in an equal amount of water.

Cornbread Stuffing: My mama always made both cornbread and regular stuffing, but cornbread with cranberries is my favorite. To make it gluten free, I make a batch of Bob's Red Mill cornbread a couple days in advance and let it dry out, then follow recipe as usual.

Pumpkin Pie: We always use Libby's recipe, and it's never failed us. The filling is already gluten free, so we just use a gluten free crust to make it safe for me. Don't forget the whipped cream...that's a MUST!

Green Bean Casserole: my brother's favorite! The traditional recipe is chock full of gluten, so this was the biggest change up for us. I haven't tried this particular recipe, but it sounds like a winner to me.

Other favorites:
Mashed Potatoes


Katie said...

Holy crap this post just made me so hungry and VERY THANKFUL Thanksgiving in only a little over a week away. I love me some GB Casserole...and mac & cheese and mashed potatoes annnnd anything else with carbs (oops).

Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

Looks yummy!!

Mateya said...

You have olives at Thanksgiving?! Never heard of that haha! Can't stand olives anyway :)

Green bean casserole is my favorite...I would be so bummed if I couldn't have it. I know those condensed soups are no good for GF people. Robbie's grandpa has Celiac's and we always have to be careful of that!

Leslie Lambert said...

This looks fabulous! I'm glad somebody else appreciates a good buttermilk pie. :) Thanks for linking up!

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