Wednesday, November 14, 2012

slipping away...

 TIME, that is.
What is it about becoming a parent that makes time move at lightening speed? I don't understand it, but it's continuing to fly by around here because my tiny 6 pound newborn that I just brought home last week officially has her first tooth coming in! WHAT?!
Yep, it's true.
Starting last Friday, Jaqs was unusually whiney, and I couldn't really figure out what it was she was wanting. I've been thinking teeth could be coming for awhile, so that was in the back of my mind. The whiney-ness and extra long naps continued through the weekend. Don't get me wrong, we could still squeeze some smiles and giggles out of her, but mostly there was a lot of this:
hehe...her 'mean' face is stinkin CUTE
Lo and behold, the tiny teether woke up with a sharp little tooth tip poking through on Monday morning!
Y'all. I cried. I know this is what happens, but I just want her to stay little. Is that too much to ask?! I'm going to miss her gummy smile, but she's going to be one precious snaggle-toothed angel too :) She's already trying to show her new tooth off....
 She's been all smiles now that it has cut through.
I don't have any experience to compare this to, but I think the pea has been a pretty easy teether for our first rodeo. She's been kind of restless at night, but we're hanging in there! Thankfully I read THIS before I gave Jaqs any Oragel, and we've been using Hyland's teething tablets here and there. I guess they're helping? I can't tell!
Do any of you seasoned mamas have any other secrets for us??

And while we're talking milestones, J tried some greek yogurt for the first time Monday as well! I mixed it with pumpkin to take away the sour cream taste, and she gobbled it right up. She's loving her new fall-ish breakfast ;)
happy eater!
It seems like I'm having a lot of these "Is she really mine?" and "I get to keep her?!" moments lately. I've thanked God for this blessing every single day since the day I found out I was pregnant, and I know I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. This love is so overwhelming and all-consuming. Every night I go to bed thinking I couldn't love her any more, and every morning I wake up doing just that.
It takes my breath away that my Heavenly Father feels that for me.
Thank you, Lord, for showing me Your love in a way that I never knew possible!


Kaycee Gossett said...

I know many parents frown upon it, but it's something my family has passed down forever for teething, and that's whiskey. I know your probably thinking OMG WHAT! BUT you just put your finger in and then rub it on her gums. I did it a few times when Kaeden was just really irritable from teething (mainly at night time) and it really helped it numbs the gums only. It's doesn't hurt them at all. I like little home remedies that have been past down from the much older generations.

J. Peterson said...

Frozen wash rags, cold teething rings, and teething biscuits worked for us.

Stephanie said...

She is getting so big! Thanks for sharing the article about teething medicines.

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