Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Randoms

  • First of all, HOW is it already February?! Seriously. Jaqs has been in Valentine attire for 2 weeks already, but 2013 is already off to a quick start!

love this cute outfit that Mateya got for J!

  • I've posted every day this week! I'm so proud of myself ;) Also? Apparently alliteration (there it is again) has been my thing this lately. Case in point: this week's post titles:
feeding favorites
play area plans
major milestone & a meal
valentine door decor
Definitely not planned, but I don't hate it. I'm a nerd like that.

  • It's official, I'm on the juicing train. This is not something I've ever thought a whole lot about doing, but I think I'm going to love it! I won't be doing any crazy cleansing or anything, but I think it will be a great addition to our lifestyle. I have my friends Cassi & Roxanne to thank for this one. Roxanne is in the middle of a 60 day juice cleanse, and she is ROCKING it! Check out her blog for inspiration if you're interested in doing something similar!
My little beggar loved our first juice!

  • Speaking of my little beggar, the girl would ALWAYS rather have my water than her own. She took my cup with her snack yesterday and didn't give it back until she was done! Ha
those lips! could you just die?
  • Are y'all watching The Bachelor? I have just recently gotten back into this train-wreck, and it's awesome. I do love it! I have to say though, I was reminded of why I do not wear lipstick ever. I mean, did no one tell poor Lesley that she was totally rocking clown status that night at the rose ceremony? Bless her heart. The fair skin, the blonde hair...that's what I feel like I look like when I wear lipstick. It's just not good, so I'll stick to gloss until I'm a little old lady and can pull it off.
  • I'm itching to start shopping for Spring clothes! BUT I know we're bound to have at least a couple more cold snaps, so I guess I shouldn't jump the gun yet. The perfect 70-degree days we've been having just have me in the mood!
  • Back to baby though...y'all she's becoming a little parrot, and it's the cutest thing. She tries to make every sound we do, but she's now got "Uh-Oh!" down on her own and even uses it in context! #proudmama

That's about all the randomness I can come up with for today. Hope you have a great weekend! Any Super Bowl fun planned?? I've got to come up with something delish to take to our friends' party!


Jenn said...

Oh my goodness, I am sooo addicted to The Bachelor. I already have my favorites and girls to hate-on from the other side of the tv screen, haha! Henry is a beggar too. I've been making smoothies for breakfast and I have to give him some of his own or I won't get ANY of mine.

Kaycee Gossett said...

Kaeden is a little beggar to...and beware it never stops! lol I know get him a small drink at sonic when I go get my tea. Normally something fruity for him, but it keeps him from drinking all of mine.
And "UH OH" was his first, in context, word. It's the cutest thing until it become a ready to catch everything when shopping. She'll then look at you and say "uh oh"! You can't help but laugh cause it so cute and innocent.
OH and we're loving the warm weather too, just getting to be outside makes you feel so much better.

Mateya said...

Oh I love that little outfit on her, so cute!

The video is to die for :)

I love the Bachelor too, I always say I'm not going to watch but then I always do! I can't do lipstick either, it always looks ridiculous on me!

Kaila Nickel said...

I totally thought "major milestone & a meal" was planned! way to go with the alliteration, lady! :)

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