Thursday, January 31, 2013

X's & O's: Valentine Door Decor

Y'all know I love seasonal door decor, right? I'm not even sure how many wreaths I've made in the last's kind of become an obsession. Of course, I couldn't leave one of my favorites, Valentine's Day, out! I came across this little cutie on Pinterest and decided I wanted to make it my own.
Side-note--I get so annoyed when pinned pictures don't go to an actual website. #PinningProblems
Apparently I'm no good at step-by-step crafting pictures...too in the zone I suppose ;) 
Lucky for you, this one is pretty self explanatory. 
I purchased my X's & O's at Hob Lob for $1.25 each and picked up some Valentine ribbon for about the same price, so this baby was less than $10 since I had all of the other supplies.
I did 2 layers of acrylic paint on the letters then let them dry over night before hot gluing them all together. I also put some tape (fancy, huh?) in the center of the backside to give it a little extra security. To hang, I hot glued ribbon to each side of the back then tied it up on our door hanger! Very, very simple, and darn cute if I do say so myself!
Paint Colors: X's-Metalic Bright Red; O's-Baby Pink with a VERY light layer of Metallic Pure Gold over it.

Oh, I almost forgot, my football coaching hubby was sorely disappointed to find out the X's & O's were for a Valentine door instead of a Super Bowl door. Sorry babe, football already stakes its claim in our home from July-December ;)
I'm linking up with Katie & Stephanie for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.! 
Go check out all the great ideas!!

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Melanie Montgomery said...

This is so cute. I like yours better.

Jenn said...

It's super cute!

Ashley Barnhill said...

Such a good Valentine's door "wreath"!

Katie said...

I love how different this is for the front door! super cute and stands go girl ;)

thank you for linking up!!

Helene said...

this looks great! I love decorating for valentines day! Especially on the front door!

Sara said...

That is adorable! I think it turned out great! Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is SO cute!

Allison said...

This looks amazing...even better than the original! Good work. :)

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