Monday, April 8, 2013

12 months!

ONE YEAR OLD! I guess this means you're officially a toddler now, and that absolutely blows my mind. When I envisioned being a mommy, it was always being a mommy to a baby not a big girl! Sometimes it makes me a little sad, but you are SO MUCH FUN right now that I don't get caught up in that for long! Each day gets better and better with you.

This was definitely the toughest 'photo-shoot' yet ;)
"I'm ONE?"
"Mmhmm, I'm a big girl."
love your baby!
and you're gentle, too. ha!

At TWELVE months old:
  • Sleeping & napping is the same as last month. 11.5-12 hours at night & 3-3.5 hours split up in 2 naps. Not looking to drop to one nap any time soon! You also have THE BEST bed-head of all time. See:
  • You're still a great little eater, but lately you've been on a fruit strike. The only ones you'll eat are bananas, blueberries, and apple sauce. I can only guess that it's a texture thing for you at this point because you've had every fruit under the sun without a problem before. Thank goodness for baby food packets to get the others in you!
  • You are down to just ONE bottle a day now (bedtime), and we went ahead and switched you to cow's milk in the last couple of weeks. You've grown just fine, and we felt like you were ready. You have taken right to drinking that out of your cups, and I'm so thankful it's been an easy transition.
  • You now have 6 teeth! 4 on top & 2 on bottom. You were even a much better teether this month, and I'm so happy about that! Maybe your amber necklace really is helping?
  • You are a walker now! You are crawling less and less, and you can even get up to your feet without having to have something to pull up on. It still catches me off guard to see you walking out of your room or walking up to me. Crazy!!
  • Your vocabulary continues to expand, and you can now say "bore"=more, "bay-bah"=baby, mama, dada, uh-oh, ball, hi, bye, and a bunch of other words I can't make out. You can also do the sounds of a pony, dog, sheep, monkey, and lion (all of our favorite) when asked.
  • You still love animals, and you wake up "neighing" to your pony almost every morning. I can hardly lift you out of your crib before you're making a be-line to your rocking horse!
  • The ice maker, the garbage disposal, and anything else noisy makes you giggle every time :)
  • You are really starting to play with imagination, and I just think that's so much fun! You now love your baby doll, and you give her kisses and pat-pat-pat her all the time. It's very sweet!
  • There's not much that holds your attention for playing, but you really love being in your room. You will go in there on your own even to play which is awesome to me because the rest of the time you're on my hip or at my feet ;)
  • You love, love, love being tickled! You will sprawl out on the floor and wait for us to "get you," then once we do, you say "BORE!" until we do it again and again. And again.
  • You adore being outdoors, and you beg like a little puppy dog to go outside when we are in. I have a feeling mommy and daddy are going to do a whole lot of sweating this summer!
  • You are fascinated by other kids, and you check them out everywhere we go.
  • You are also becoming a little ham and waving and giggling at people to get their attention. Silly thing!
  • You had your first sweet treat...a cupcake! You were indifferent about it. Didn't dislike it but didn't love it either. Fine by me because it's definitely not going to become a regular thing at this point!
  • You are as sweet and charming as can be, but boy can you throw a bowed-back, red-faced fit too. Yikes. Might as well go all out with this toddler thing ;)
  • You weigh 20.5 pounds (36%), and you're 30 inches tall (75%)...long & lean girl!
  • You can still fit in some 12 month things, but you're mostly in 18 months with a couple 24 month tops thrown in.
  • You are just about in a size 4 shoe.
  • Still in size 3 diapers with 4s at night.

We made it, Jaqsy baby! Our first year together, and life is GOOD!


Jenn said...

I love lists like this, showing how much she's grown and developed and the things she loves or doesn't love. You'll cherish these posts one day!

Jess Norden said...

Oh my gosh, what a cutie!!! Walking...oh my...I won't be able to believe my eyes when I see Cam walking somewhere! Why do babies grow up so fast?! :) What a great's so fun to watch them grow!

Heather said...

I love that bed head!! I'm so not ready for a walker!!! We're right behind you though.

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Jessica Turner said...

I can't believe she's walking!!! I'm sure it's about to get pretty interesting around your house! We're still figuring out the walking thing, but I'm ok with her not getting it just yet ;)

That's so funny that J wakes up "neighing" because A wakes up and immediately says "doug doug"! Precious girls!!!

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