Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1st birthday: the actual day!

 We had Jaqs' big birthday bash this last weekend, but first I wanted to share her actual day just for memory's sake! It was a simple and sweet day, but it was pretty special to me.

Rob leaves for work super early, so it was just me when she got up. 
Of course I sang Happy Birthday to her first thing! She was a little sleepy, but I got some paci smiles :)
She had her favorite for breakfast: waffles & yogurt! After that we just played together until it was time for her morning nap. She woke up to a couple friends visiting her, then I made her favorite for lunch: mac & cheese! In reality it's veggie pasta with squash puree, but whatever. She loves it! She ate a TON!
 We had to do some last minute errands for her party the next day, so we did that while she was awake. It was a lot of fun telling everyone that asked how she was that it was her birthday! I think she liked all the attention, too.
Once we got home, she went down for her next nap. It's always cuddle and snack time when she wakes up from this nap, so it's becoming one of my favorite parts of the day as this is a relatively new thing. She has never paid much attention to the TV, but now she'll sit in my lap and watch Disney Jr for about 10-15 minutes. It's our post-afternooon-nap ritual :)
After our cuddle time, we went out for a wagon ride (with baby, of course!) and Rob got home shortly after. He came home with flowers for his birthday girl, and I can't even tell you how that warmed my heart. He is such a sweet daddy, and I'm so thankful that Jaqs will grow up seeing exactly what she deserves because he is a wonderful example of a faithful, compassionate, and loving husband. Whew. Tears much?
We had dinner with some friends then went to Academy afterwards. Jaqs was in hog heaven on the ball aisle. It was painful leaving. She was heartbroken and had the tears to prove it. Poor girl...it's sad to make her cry on her big day! Just pathetic, but we had been there for quite awhile, trust me!
I kept feeling like we should have been doing something extra big and special on the ACTUAL day, but I guess we'll save the big guns for napless years. I find a lot of joy in simple things though, so I thought it was a great day celebrating my girl! I even told Rob that I felt like it was my birthday because my phone, FB & IG were getting blown up with birthday wishes for Jaqs. Each one made me smile, and I'm grateful that so many were thinking of our girl on her day! Thank you, thank you to each one of you that sent her birthday wishes! We loved them all.


Heather said...

That is so sweet that she got flowers from her daddy!

[darci @ the good life] said...

Okay, why oh, why am I just now checking out your blog?!? Have I commented before and totally forgot because it seems new to me?!

And I just have to say (and please tell your husband) that he wins DAD OF THE YEAR for that precious bouquet of flowers he brought the birthday girl. Seriously, that is so sweet!!!

Happy belated birthday to your little cutie!! Hello, toddlerhood!! How quickly they grow!

Abby said...

Do you mind sharing the recipe for her Mac and cheese? Sounds perfect for kids!

Abby said...

Do you mind sharing your Mac and cheese recipe? Sounds perfect for kids! Thanks!

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