Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Randoms

Y'all, I feel like a total slacker for not posting about J's "Over the Rainbow" party yet. I have been in such a funk this week just dealing with some things that I haven't really felt like it. The party was so much fun, and I loved putting it all together for my girl. I'm planning to get all the pictures together this weekend so I can share it at the beginning of next week!
Speaking of being in a funk, yesterday was A DAY around here. Jaqs is working on another tooth, so she's not herself :( She was cranky, feverish, and even went to bed at 6:15 last night. Poor thing...I hope that incisor gets through soon; they have been the hardest on her! Hopefully we will have a happy weekend.
 We had a pretty good week together outside of Monday's shots & teething though! 
Of course, wagon rides are frequent now, and this picture was too good to pass up. Does she not look like a little baby diva?! Silly girl!
 Jaqs also went to town on some enchiladas once night...she is my daughter, after all!

*In other news, we're working on locking down our vacation spot for this summer to celebrate our 5th anniversary! We are going with some friends, and I'm SO EXCITED!! The downside will be leaving Jaqs for the first time. Talk about mom-guilt, and we're still 2 months out. I know she'll be perfectly fine, and I also know that we'll have so much fun, but I do feel like it's asking a lot of my parents even though I know they'll have fun, too! So why the guilt?! I don't know. I guess it's what moms do??

*Do y'all watch Survivor? ....Anyone? I know it's kind of passed its prime, but ever since I got into it last Spring, I've been watching again. This week's episode was so confusing to me! I'm still trying to figure out if Malcom was scheming or if he got paranoid? I hope he can hang on because I like him a lot! FOR THE LOVE, as long as Phillip doesn't win, I'll be happy! Ok, or Sherrie or Dawn. Ha!

*One more thing, how long did you hang on to the bedtime bottle with your littles? It's the only one J has now, and I'm really dreading dropping it. She doesn't fall asleep with it, but it does kind of settle her in for the night. Not to mention it's just about the only STILL time we get with her anymore because she drinks it while rocking in her room after her bath and PJs. Rob & I take turns with it, and we both love that time with her! Anyway, any advice on eventually (tear) getting rid of it and when to do it is welcomed! I know she's "supposed" to be done at 1 year, but I know lots of kids who kept it a little longer...

Happy weekend, friends! Hope you get to enjoy some Spring weather!


Mateya said...

I'm going to need you're advice on the whole dropping bottles thing!!!

Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend!

Beth Ann said...

Had Holden not dropped bottles cold turkey on his own, I don't think I would have been worried about getting rid of them...especially not just one. I say keep it and don't even sweat it for a while. Maybe after another month or two she will be more ready to give it up. For now, I say enjoy that time together!

Jessica Turner said...

I'm still nursing so I don't have any ideas for dropping the actual bottle, but I am planning on weaning her and thought about just putting some milk in her sippy cup and reading her a book before putting her down.

And this is the first season since it's been on that I haven't watched Survivor!! Now I wish I had and we would have more than our sweet girls to talk about lol!

Heather said...

I LOVE those sunglasses! I can't keep mine to keep hers on.

And we're still doing a bedtime nursing sesh so I'm no help there!

Anonymous said...

Don't drop it before your vacay or Grammie may start it back up..bah ha ha;).

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