Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1st Birthday Party: Abilene Edition

Since we were going to be in Abilene for Easter, we decided to have a pizza party celebration for Jaqs' birthday that Saturday so our friends and family there wouldn't feel obligated to come all the way to Temple for her party. It worked out perfectly as Rob's mom and grandparents don't travel as much and the rest of my family could be there, too! It was a low-key, FUN evening spent with people that we love and that love our baby girl!

Here's a picture overload from the party at Grammie & GPop's!
I promise she was happy! Just not into pictures ;-/
my cake's on fire, people.
neat cake-eater, apparently
Jaqs playing with Kenlee...cutie girls!
love my bestie!
popo & nanny
grammie with the baby girls!
my cousin jessica & me with our girls
nanny & popo are the ones that got jaqs her beloved wagon!
we still can't believe we have a toddler!

We love, loved getting to celebrate Jaqsy's birthday TWO weekends in a row! What a diva with 2 birthday parties, eh? We just felt like it was necessary this year :)
Thank you to all of our Abilene family & friends for celebrating with us!

If you missed her "Over the Rainbow" party, see it here!


Sara said...

What a fun party! You both look adorable. I love her colorful ruffle pants and that top of the head pony tail! So cute.

Sarah said...

Hi Katie! Just hopped over from Jenn's blog! (I guest posted there earlier this week!) Anyway, you are seriously party planner to the MAX! This party and the rainbow one down below are awesome! Jaqs is just a doll and can I say that your hair looks FAB in that picture where you are leaning down next to her in the highchair? Such a beautiful family!

Sally said...

So cute! I'm gearing up for my little guy's first bday in a couple months.

Also hopped over from Jenn's blog. New follower!

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