Thursday, April 18, 2013

Super Simple Birthday Wreath

Y'all know I love a good wreath by now, so of course I had to come up with something fun for Jaqsy's birthday party. I searched Pinterest high and low, but I couldn't find anything just right, so I actually did something with my own brains. Novel idea, eh?

We did the tied ribbon wreath for her nursery, and I love it, but it takes A LOT of ribbon not to mention a decent chunk of time, too. That was fine while I was pregnant, but now that she's out, spare time is precious ;) I found some ribbon at Hobby Lobby that I loved, so I decided to do a simplified ribbon wreath.
sorry, only had an iPhone pic
Foam Wreath
Whatever variety of ribbon works for your theme
Hot glue gun

Cut your ribbon into pieces long enough to wrap around your wreath one time...mine were about 5 inches, I'd say. Then all you have to do is wrap them around and secure with a line of hot glue on the back. Overlap the ribbon a little as you go so as not have any foam showing through until you've covered the wreath. It's as easy as that! I chose to keep the rainbow pattern going, but you can mix it up and do different widths of ribbons, too.
Side note: I said "ROY G. BIV" in my head about 27 times while making this! Ha! 
Once you're done wrapping your wreath, hot glue one or two embellishments on there to celebrate your occasion! My number 1 came from Hobby Lobby and was already white, so I didn't even have to paint it. Score!

This wreath is still hanging on our front door...I can't let it go just yet! I figure I can get away with this for the month of April, right?! It IS her birth month, after all.

One other thing: I'm guest posting over at Ripples & Waves today! Check it out if you're curious about when Galusha baby #2 may make an appearance...

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Desiree Macke said...

Found you via Jenn over at Ripples and Waves!
LOVE that wreath! We did something similar for our little man's 1st birthday in March. We had a sock monkey theme, so we attached to mini monkeys to it. Such fun stuff!
Regarding your post over at R&W: totally feel you on #2. We're just getting into the swing of things with #1! And, honestly, I love the little Mr. and my alone time. I'd like to wait till he's in preschool so I can dedicate that same kind of time and devotion to #2 while #1 in at school!
Happy Thursday!!

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