Monday, April 22, 2013

weekend lovin'

Hey y'all! How was your weekend?? Ours was, as always, TOO SHORT. Yeah, yeah I know I'm a SAHM and all, but I still look forward to the weekends when our family of 3 is complete!

Last Thursday, Jaqs and I went to play at the play-place in the mall because the weather was cool and rainy. We had the place to ourselves, and she had a BLAST running around like a crazy girl. I always thought those things were a germ-fest (and they probably are) before I had a kid, but now I understand that cabin fever sets in QUICK with an active toddler. By the way, I still refer to her as a baby 9 times out of 10. Anyway, definitely eating my words on the whole mall playground thing! Isn't the first time, and won't be the last, I'm sure.
G-Pop decided kinda last minute to come hang out with us this weekend because my mom was gone, and what's the fun in spending the weekend alone?! Jaqsy girl LOVES playing with her GP! She pretty much has him wrapped, and I think she knows it ;) Hehe!
She even helped him with a little home-improvement project that I'll share with y'all this week!
The Pea was too worked up from all the fun and playing to nap well, so she was exhausted by bedtime. I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday to see her SLEEPING like this:
Silly girl! She is a CRAZY sleeper. I watched her for a few minutes, and she eventually just toppled over.

Dad left early Sunday, so we caught the late service at church and decided to take Jaqs to the nursery for the first time. It was kind of sad, but we know it will be worth it in the long run! Thankfully, we had no tears with the drop off, and our number didn't pop up on the screen to go get her. When we picked her up, she was sitting in one of the girl's laps eating graham crackers. They said she was fine, but got a little fussy towards the end. I'd call it a success! Hopefully she'll have fun in the Sundays to come!
We were soooo getting the stink-eye when we picked her up. She might have been a little mad at us for leaving her, but she got over it pretty fast! Funny girl.

J had her vaccines 2 weeks ago, and she is COVERED in a rash right now which I can only assume is related to the MMR vaccine. Poor thing. It doesn't look that bad in the picture, but she's covered. We tried to perk her up with a trip to Target & PetSmart followed by a popsicle after dinner! She was pretty excited about all of it!
The girl loves popsicles now, so we may have created a monster with that one! Oh well, Summer's coming, and Lord knows we'll be eating 1000s of them to stay cool.

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Jenn said...

Her sleeping sitting up cracks me up! Henry can be a crazy sleeper, but I've never seen anything that crazy yet! It sounds like you guys had a great weekend!!

Kaycee Gossett said...

Yes the rash is associated with the shots. Kaeden and my nephew Tucker both got that type of rash after the one year shots. It's crazy but it does go away so no fear. And just to let you know if she ran a fever for a few days sometimes a rash will occur. AND, I also love how she slept! Too Cute. Have a blessed week!

Sarah said...

Drew actually got a REALLY similar rash around that age, but hadn't been vaccinated right before it (or even within a few weeks). Our ped said it might have just been a virus working it's way out. Who knows with these little ones!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

She is so funny for sleeping sitting up! I bet that freaked you our for a sec when you saw it.

Owen did that once. He started to wake up, sat up and bobbed back and forth for a bit before finally just falling over and back to sleep.

Too funny huh!

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