Thursday, April 25, 2013

this week's randomness

Things have been pretty low key for us this week, but that's kind of been the norm lately which is nice but can be monotonous as well. I know there will be a time when we have older kids that we'll be go-go-going, so I try to keep that in mind when I'm "bored." There's always something to be done around the house, but that's not exciting!

Moving along...

Jaqs has decided that she can feed herself this week which is both great and frustrating. She has been self-feeding with her hands for awhile, but now she's interested in the spoon/fork when one is necessary. Usually this is only at breakfast when yogurt is involved which ends up in a BIG MESS. If I put the bite on the spoon & hand it to her, she always gets it to her mouth. The frustrating part is when she wants to dip it out herself...YIKES. When I give her a fork to use at dinner, she places the bite on the fork with her hands then puts it in her mouth. So adorable.
Oh, and let me not forget to add that J has had TWO teeth come in in the last week. When she starts up with teething, she goes all out! Her teeth have all come 2 at a time. I am so not looking forward to molars.

We've had another spurt of cool weather this week which has most of us Texans all kinds of riled up. We're used to sweating to death by this time of year, so it's sorta nice, but not so much for those of us with littles who like to be outside! It was still 60 yesterday, so we did get in some outdoor play once it warmed up from the THIRTY degrees that morning. Brr!
I got this little silverware caddy from Target to put on our kitchen table, and it's really making me quite happy! I love having necessities in one convenient place, plus I think it's pretty cute, too!
 I {big, puffy heart} love paper straws! Are they not just cheerful?! Love. I can hardly bear to use them because I like looking at them so much.
You'll be so pleased to know that Jaqsy's father is teaching her valuable life lessons. The girl has been sniffing her socks for some time thanks to him, but now she has taken this to a new level. When we take off her shoes, she holds them up to her nose, sniffs, then puts them in our faces so we'll say "EWWW, STINKY!" all while giggling like crazy. What a girl! She is quite the character, and I'm just so thankful her daddy is teaching her these things ;) God help her if she ever gets a hold of one of his shoes. She might pass out!
(sorry babe, you know it's true.)
 The girl has also discovered ketchup....SHE. LOVES. IT. Proof:
 Our vacation with our besties has officially been BOOKED! Julie & I text about it constantly and can hardly even contain our excitement! It will be a much-needed getaway for all of us, but I will SO miss my girl. I'm not going to go there yet though...too sad!

Who else is happy it's already Thursday?? It's our last weekend before Spring ball begins, so we are just planning on soaking up our time together this weekend! Seriously, is there anything better? 
I love being with my people.


Lauren said...

I have a caddy on our table as well!! I saw something similar a while back on and totes copied. Oops:) How exciting on y'all's trip!! It will be sad leaving jaqs, but good to get away.

Sally said...

I'm seeing paper straws everywhere and they look so springy! Need some for my table!!

Jaqs is adorable!!

Mateya said...

I love that little caddy...perfect!

When is your trip? That should be so fun! You deserve a break!

Tessa DAngelo said...

A little trip is totally necessary now and then. You'll enjoy it I know! And your table caddy and paper straws are to die for! I love it!

[darci @ the good life] said...

Awwww, look at her!! It's cute when they try to use a spoon ... for like 2 seconds and then you realize the huge mess that is in the works! Ha! Jackson is almost 2 and is still so messy with a spoon! :/ I assume he'll eventually learn how to eat with one and wont' turn 30 not knowing how, right?! ;)

Ps - love that caddy! I have one, but never thought to put it in a central location with all of the everyday mini necessities. Great idea!!

Kaycee Gossett said...

Haha Kaeden did the same thing with the spoon & fork but then went through a stage of not using them at all. Now he's in full gear at using them except he misses his mouth with the spoon quite a bit. LOL Also love the caddy and the adorable straws!

The shoe thing with Jaqs is cute HAHA Kaeden does it but he'll go "EWWW..UGH (throw up sound)" My mother taught him that one!

PS- JAQS is cute as always! Have a nice trip too!!

Jenn said...

I thought my husband was the only man who insisted on sniffing his shoes when he took them off. It thoroughly disgusts me but it is SO funny that she has picked it up! Just tooo cute!

P.S.- I LOVE paper straws too! So fun!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to have the pea for 4 days :)))

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