Wednesday, June 5, 2013

14 months

I didn't know if I would continue on with monthly posts or not after Jaqs' first birthday, but I think I'll keep doing them sporadically for my memory's sake. I know they're not the most riveting read for y'all, but I love looking back to them and remembering things that I wouldn't have otherwise!

These pictures are virtually impossible to take now!
No more sitting, posing, and smiling for momma? Stinker ;)
At FOURTEEN months:
  • Up until last week, sleep had been essentially the same, but you've started showing signs of being ready for one nap instead of two. We've been following the same "schedule," but most days you only nap once and play around for the other. This has called for some early bedtimes though, so the 13 hour nights have been nice! ;)
  • You're a total blankie addict for sleeping. Those little lovies can calm you down like nothing else.
  • You are back to being fine with most fruits, and you are usually a great eater! You also love most veggies. You still can't really eat anything raw although you love to try. You normally eat whatever we are having, but favorites include mac & cheese, grilled cheese, almond butter & jelly, fish sticks, quesadillas, and CFA nuggets. Typical kid food! Salmon & pulled pork are a couple other favorites.
  • The one extremely frustrating thing you do is throw food on the floor if you're either done with it or don't like it. It drives us CRAZY, and we've been unsuccessful in breaking this habit. Not cute, little lady!
  • You love, love milk and either drink that or water all day.
  • You run around CONSTANTLY. You love to be busy, busy and on the go! There is no sitting and playing/watching TV happening for you, but you do love to climb in our laps with books :) We always soak that up!
  • Speaking of books, you LOVE them. We can ask you to get a specific book, and you pretty much always come back with the right one. Board books are still preferred otherwise you rip the pages out.
  • You now have TWELVE teeth! That's twice as many as you had 2 months ago! I'm happy to report that you cut all 4 molars without any problems. I have to say I was both shocked and thrilled about this! I thought for sure we'd have some rough nights with those bad boys. Hopefully your canines will come without much issue also!
  • You jabber ALL. DAY. LONG. We love listening to you "talk" because you're so into it and passionate about whatever it is you're saying. Sometimes you seem frustrated that we don't understand what you're saying, but you are definitely learning more and more words so hopefully you can communicate with us a little easier soon.
  • New words: thank you, all done, bow (used for hair bows & the dog next door, Beau), cheese, hot, burrr (=cold), boo, pop (used for your popper toy & G-Pop), and hop. I'm sure there are several others I'm not remembering right now...
  • You can also sign for all done & I don't know.
  • You keep bows in finally! Hallelujah!! You still won't wear a headband, hat, or sunglasses, but hey! Beggars can't be choosers ;) I'll take the clippies!
  • You have spent a lot of time swimming over the last month, and you're definitely a little water baby! The colder the better! 
  • You think playing "chase" is the best thing going. You run laps around our couch and kitchen every day. I usually try to keep play more on the calm side, but daddy loves to get you all riled up! Haha, you love it just as much as he does!
  • You've been to the church nursery a few times, and you're not wild about it. Hopefully you will get better with time because we may even start a one day/week MDO next Fall!
  • You do love playing with other kids though! You love being around the other coach's kids and running around the weight room & football field with them.
  • You got your first cousin! You've only met him once so far, and you weren't too sure what was going on with that. I'm sure once he's interactive and ready to play, you'll be more than happy to entertain him!
  • You will wave at pretty much anyone that will pay attention to you :)
  • I spent my first night away from you, and what do you know? We both survived. I don't think you even knew I was gone!
  • You are wearing mostly 18 month clothes with a couple 2T tops thrown in.
  • You're in a size 4 shoe and will quickly be moving a 5.
  • You're still in that size 3 diaper with 4s at night! I just looked back to see that you've been in a size 3 dipe since 6 months old!
Baby girl, you are at such a fun age right now! You keep daddy and I laughing, smiling, and shaking our heads all the time. We are amazed at how quickly you learn new things! You are such a blessing in our lives, and we thank God every day that He gave us YOU! :)
Love you forever, Jaqsy Pea.


Sara said...

Love that pillow! Where is it from?
And love love love jaqs dress!
Life with Baby Sophia

Beth Ann said...

Sweet girl! She has caught up with Holden having 12 teeth! ;) And the throwing food on floor thing is an ongoing battle here. One good thing about having a dog...

Emily Marie said...

I'm with ya on the food throwing, only we have a dog that drools like crazy under Stella... it drives me crazy! Love the last pic totally adorable:)

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