Monday, June 3, 2013

bridal showers & babies

 Do you know what today is? Monday, yes. BUT it's the last Monday of the school year for my hubby! Woohoo! Sweet summer days ahead in the Galusha house...ahhh, so excited for a few weeks of down-time with my trio before yet another crazy football season.

This weekend was another great one! We've never had a car-seat in Rob's truck before, but we finally bit the bullet and bought a convertible since she can be in it up to 65 lbs. (side note: is that crazy or what?! kids are in car-seats til like jr. high these days) I think Jaqs approved of her new ride! She likes being able to actually see out the back window in the truck :)
We ran some errands together as a family Saturday morning, then I headed south to Austin after lunch for my beautiful friend, Ketrin's, bridal shower! It was such a fun afternoon spent with some lovely ladies, and I was so happy I got to celebrate with the bride-to-be!
 Always great to see my life-long bestie, Anna, too! 
After the shower, I headed even further south to San Antonio to spend the night with my nephew, Kase! Well, and his parents, too ;) He is just the sweetest little bundle of baby love, and I enjoyed every minute of his sweet newborn cuddles! Can't wait to see him again!
Thanks for having me KB & Nicole!
 I was sad to leave him on Sunday, but that was the first night I had spent away from my pea, so I was super anxious to get my hands on her, too.
i could be a boy-mom, too, right? :)
I don't know how I'm going to be away from my girl for 5 days later this month...24 hours felt like an eternity! I know her and her daddy had the best time though! Swimming, CFA date, and playing non-stop...what's not to love?! It makes my stomach fuzzy when I think about the love between those two. The sweetest!

Happy June, friends!


Makeshift Margaritas said...

Your daughter is so sweet! Just precious!

Colleen Sullivan said...

So Owen hated the infant seat the entire time we used it, and then around 12 months we switched him to the convertible seat and he was so much happier. Like you said, he liked being able to see better and have a bit more room. THEN when we switched him to face front he was REALLY happy. I think they just like to be "big kids"!

Stephanie said...

The weekend you were in Austin, I was in Ohio! Oy!

Kaila Nickel said...

What a great weekend! So happy you're only a few days away from having Rob home (more often) for the summer! :) xo

Beth Ann said...

You look so beautiful as always. And YES you could be a boy mom...please have one ASAP. ;)

Anonymous said...

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