Wednesday, August 7, 2013

16 months

At some point, I decided doing these updates every 2 months would be sufficient, so I guess I'll continue on with that little trend! I feel like you change SO MUCH from week to week though; it's hard to keep up! I knew the first year would fly by, but this second one is going at the speed of lightening as well.
there was no way you were sitting still empty-handed ;)
your famous "wink"'s always a hit!
enough of this, mom
so much sass
those eyes...they melt us.
  • Biggest change! We're officially on one nap now and have been for close to 3 weeks. About once a week you want 2 naps, so we just roll with it and put you down when you need it. Your night sleep is the same...about 12-13 hours. NEVER STOP, okay? ;)
  • You have been teething on and off for the last few weeks, so sometimes you're pickier about eating than others. For the most part, you continue to be a pretty good eater. You certainly have your finicky days, but we try not to press you too hard if you're not having it. Your favorite foods are basically the same as before, and lately you've been obsessed with "nanas" (bananas) and "cwakahs" (PB crackers). Your favorite dinner that I make is honey salmon & sweet'll eat it every time!
  • Speaking of teeth, you have 13 of them! One of your top canines broke through, and the other 3 are on their way.
  • You looooooove your milk! You stand at the fridge & sign for milk several times a day! You go through about a gallon a week.
  • We dropped the bedtime bottle a couple weeks shy of 15 months, and you handled it very well. We still sit in your rocking chair & say prayers while you drink your last cup of milk before bed. Who knows when we'll change that up, but for now, it works well for all of us.
  • Lord have mercy, you are ALL OVER THE PLACE. Running, climbing, are one busy little bee. I'm usually exhausted by the end of the day trying to keep up! Full blown toddler, for sure.
this is your "whatcha gonna do bout it?" look. oy.
  • You say so many new words that I've lost count. I had counted 25 at 15 months, and I'd say you've added at least 5-10 since then. You try to parrot everything we ask you to say, too :) You are also a pro at animal sounds! Ha. They include: pony, doggy, kitty, cow, chicken, duck, monkey, owl, bunny (hop hop), and sheep.
  • You have really taken to playing with your baby doll lately. You carry her around with you a lot, and you love to give her a paci & put her in her crib. Sweet girl!
  • Your favorite playtime activities (at home) are reading, doing your wooden puzzles, and sorting. You also love to toss & catch any type of ball. I'm constantly amazed with your hand-eye coordination. 
this picture sums you right up :)
paci, pearls, bow & a football!
  • You sign for all done, where is it, more, and milk.
  • You have started some really bad things like PINCHING this month. Yikes. Where do you even learn this stuff?? You've been handling the discipline for it pretty well (for the most part), so I hope it's short lived.
  • You love some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's the only show you watch, and we usually allow you to watch one episode each day. Watching you do the hot dog dance is maybe one of the funniest things ever! Cracks us up.
  • Your hair drives you nuts if it's in your eyes, so you actually PREFER to wear a bow now! I never thought I'd see the day! Makes me proud ;)
  • You really enjoy having saline squirted in your nose. So bizarre, but so funny! Every time I spray it in your nose, you say "more!!" Silly girl.
  • You are a total water baby and have spent a good portion of your summer at the kiddie water-park near our house. We became members at the beginning of the season, and it turned out to be a great investment!
  • You would ALWAYS rather be outside than in...regardless of how HOT it is!
  • You are still wearing 18m, 24m & 2T clothing. You wear bigger tops because you're so long waisted, but you have a tiny hiney, so you can even still fit into 12m stuff on bottom!
  • Your feet grew a lot! 6's fit best.
  • You're still in size 3 diapers during the day, and we're about to go to 5's at night because you wet so much.
  • You weigh 23.5 lbs & you're 31 inches long. (According to your 15m well-check.)

My sweet Jaqsy Pea, I wish I could even put into words how much I love you, but I'll never be able to. No matter how hard some days are, they all end the same: me praising God for giving you to me while I rock with you before bed. You are our JOY, and I love every little thing about you!


Ketrin Jones said...

Look how big she has gotten! what a beauty! love yall!

Mateya said...

She is getting so tall and skinny! I can't believe she's wearing a 6 shoe! Hayden is still in a 3! His feet are freakishly tiny!

She's going to be a tall girl! :)

How funny that she likes getting saline squirted in her nose haha!

Heather said...

When did our babies get so big?!!? But seriously, I think this is my favorite age right now (minus the meltdowns). I think they're so much fun!

Emily Marie said...

What a cutie pie and smarty pants you have on your hands! I can't believe how many words and animals nosies she can make...way to go Jaqs!!!

Tessa DAngelo said...

She is full of personality! I just love it! The pic of her on the couch with the sippy and remote is like "Im queen of this castle."

Erin Marie said...

My 16 month old loves to pinch too! It hurts so bad because she pinches the inside of my arms while laying on the couch with me. Thankfully, she understands "stop pinching"

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