Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I never did get around to my weekend post, so how about a little mid-week update instead?

*Last Friday, my family of 3 loaded up & headed to Dallas to meet one of my favorite blog friends, Mateya! She was in town for an AdvoCare convention, and I knew we wouldn't probably get this opportunity again soon, so off we went! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous, but y'all, it was SO FUN....not at all awkward/weird. It was like we've known each other forever, and we were just getting "caught up." Our morning went so fast, and we've already said this HAS to happen again....when & where are the questions ;) Can't wait!
*Well, this has started happening. Thankfully she hasn't actually made it over the rail yet, but I won't be surprised if it happens soon. The good news is that she just lays down and goes to sleep at night....let's pray it stays that way!
*Is there anything like seeing your baby and baby-daddy in a sweet moment? I just don't think there's THE BEST. We've been missing daddy around here this week for sure.
*We had our annual program pics on Sunday, and OH MY. Jaqs refused to put the FULL sized football down, so it will be our 4th family member in this year's picture. Oh well. Last year we had a 4 month old stone-faced baby, this year we'll have a 16 month old my-way-or-no-way toddler. These are the days! ;)
 *We try to have Rob's position kids over a couple times during the season for dinner, so we had our kick-off dinner Sunday. We teamed up with the other secondary coach and his wife, and I think everyone had a good time! Jaqs just got right in there with those big boys to play ball. I'm glad she did because this is going to be a big part of her little life!
 *Of course, Jaqs was dressed for the occasion, but she lost her bow at some point, so she ended up looking like the most precious baby boy :)
*Last but certainly not least, I'm teaming up with some other ladies for a "goody bag" giveaway in honor of Kate @ The Green Fashionista's birthday!! Hop on over and enter to win some of my favorite things lately!!

Hope y'all are having a great week so far! Happy Wednesday!


Mateya said...

Love it! I need to get my recap up too! And yes it WILL happen again soon :)

Jaqs is such a little monkey! I can't believe she can crawl up her crib like that!

Beth Ann said...

At least she's climbing INTO the crib and not out?! Oh I dread toddler bed transition. I've heard too many horror stories!

I think her holding the football in the pic is adorable!

Stephanie said...

J climbing on that crib KILLS me. She just became this BIG girl overnight and I can't believe it.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, I've been having nightmares about mine being able to get out of the crib! I'm so not ready for that...

You and Mateya are too cute!

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