Monday, August 12, 2013

Golden Birthday Wish List

You may or may not know that I have a BIG birthday coming up this month! Not because I'm going to be any certain age, but because this year marks my "golden" birthday. You know, 26 on the 26th? That has to mean something special, right?? No? Okay.
Well, either way, I went ahead and made up a little birthday wish list because WHO says we're ever too old for that? Not this girl. This is just for fun, but I wouldn't hate if my husband & daughter fulfilled some of these wishes for me ;) Ahem.

Golden Brithday

Hello Sweatshirt--Y'all, I love Hello Apparel. I only have one tank from there, but it's one of my most favorite things lately! It's so comfy! I think this sweatshirt (XS ;)) would be well-loved by me this fall. Bonus points: it's Temple Wildcat blue, baby!

Mom's One Line a Day--These notebooks are adorable and so perfect for remembering those little things that happen day to day with kiddies. It has space for FIVE years worth of "one liners."

Portable Charger--Am I the only one that's charging my iPhone twice a day? It's SO ANNOYING. I feel like it won't hold a charge. Or maybe it's because I spend too much time on the Insta. Whoops. #firstworldprobs

Stella & Dot Studs--If there's one thing I wear constantly (besides my wedding ring) it's earrings. These studs are super cute!

Kendra Scott Coral Earrings--I have one pair of KS earrings, and they are some of my favs! I wear them all.the.time. Love, love, LOVE this coral pair.

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head--I'm completely obsessed with my Clarisonic. I use it nightly, so I think I could definitely use a replacement brush or two on stand-by. Hint: Amazon is TOTALLY the way to go for these things! WAY cheaper than buying replacements at any department store or Ulta.

Erase Paste--These next two are going to make me look old, but I'm okay with that. Dark circles are never something I've had trouble with, but something about becoming a mom must have changed that. I definitely need a little "brightening" these days.

Philosophy - Eye Hope--My girl Darci says this stuff is the best, so I have to give it a shot! Might as well start doing everything I can to prevent aging now, right?! Right. PS--this is another Amazon WIN for the price compared to stores.

Essie Polish--This brand is definitely my favorite. It seems to last the longest, and the colors are surely the most fun out there! "Beyond Cozy" and "Bahama Mama" look like a couple of winners for fall!


Brett said...

I use erase paste and have used it since college, it's the best concealer! Some days I just put some under my eyes and call it a day when I'm having lazy makeup days, I love it :)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

You will LOVE Erase Paste! I've been using it for years as I have dark circles due to heredity and have always had them no matter how much sleep I get *grrrr* but Erase Paste is the first product that has worked for me ;)

Jen said...

I'm loving your list!! I didn't realize our birthday's were so close together! ;) Mine is the 24th, but I will not be 26. ;/ hehehe!

Makeshift Margaritas said...

Love this post! I have blogged about my love for erase works wonders! ;-)

Brandie Brown said...

Love Erase Paste, and have used it for quite some time, but I won a makeover around Mother's Day and Rae cosmetics did the makeup. It is an Austin based company and Rochelle Rae created all of the makeup to be heat and humidity proof. She wasn't kidding. The concealer is great, even in the pool!

Anyway, I love the birthday wish list! Happy Birthday month!

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