Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

WHY is time moving so fast?! I mean, what in the world?! It's Friday every time I turn around, but hey, you won't hear me complaining about that, Jack. Of course, I'm getting all my weekly blogging done right here on Five on Frida once again ;) Head over to Darci's blog to link up!
{one} Story time started back up at our public library this week, so Jaqs & I met friends there for some midweek fun. Jaqs really enjoyed it!! There were stories, songs, puppet shows, and even a craft. The nerd in me loved it, and the girl is at a fun age for this activity. I was only slightly concerned that Jaqs was going to make a be-line to the stage to steal a puppet, but thankfully she restrained herself.
{two} I made these Baked Cheddar Broccoli & Rice cups as a side to our meatloaf last night, and they were SO GOOD. Super simple to whip up, and the best part is that I pretty much always have these ingredients on hand, so they're perfect for a "free" side! I'll definitely be making these again and again.
{three} My mom got me this journal for my birthday, and I'm really enjoying writing a little something in it each day. It has room to record "one liners" for 5 years, and I think I'll so enjoy looking back on this years down the road. Maybe Jaqs will, too! :) I noticed them at Target the other day, but you can also get it on Amazon.
{four} Here are the highlights of our week in pictures for your viewing pleasure ;) If you follow me on IG (@ktgalu) you've probably seen most of these, but of course, I had to share them here also. We had a pretty good was a nice combination of play & routine. My poor girl has some allergies bugging her right now, but she's been a trooper!
TL: my girly girl (ha!!) LOVES to dig in the dirt
TC: silly kid adores sitting in the baby swing
TR: gettin' a few reps in with daddy at the gym while mama worked out
BL: story time with friends at the library
BM: Jaqs thinks she is such a big girl helping mama with T's bottle
{{ps--yes i know this is cute; no i'm not ready for baby #2! lol!}}
BR: i've swaddled that baby doll a thousand times this week
{five} I'll leave you with this e-card. Can I get an AMEN?!?

Cheers to the weekend! Hope yours is fun!


Christina @ This Woman Cooks! said...

Those broccoli and rice cups are a great idea! Maybe it can be a tricky way to get my daughter to eat some veggies!

Jess Norden said...

I can't wait to try the broccoli and rice cups...they look so yummy for fall!!

I love the last with Cameron certainly adds some additional challenges (like picking up 42 rubber duckies in the middle of Walmart after he pulled the box down). Haha!

Have a great weekend!


Mateya said...

Oh my gosh girl that ecard is hilarious. I love it!

Those broccoli cups look amazing, I'll definitely be trying those!

Caitlyn {Home Sweet Ruby} said...

Found you on the link up! Love that ecard.. I don't have any kiddos yet but I can only imagine! haha! Your little one is too precious! Have a great weekend :)

Sam @ said...

That "mom's one line a day" book is cute! I have never seen that one! My husband and I have the turquoise one line a day books from Urban Outfitters (they look identical!) and are on year two of writing. We absolutely love them!

yargergal said...

Amen, amen, amen!!!

Elizabeth said...

Bahaha! That ecard speaks truth!

And I need one of those line a day journals. My little one isn't doing sentences yet but she does do something funny every day.

emily said...

thanks for sharing the recipe!!

Loving the football onesie!Too cute!

and AMEN to that e-card!

Amanda {Kids and Cabernet} said...

That broccoli dish looks sooooo good!! Why a great side dish!

Sara said...

Those broccoli rice cups look amazing! Definitely going to have to try that. And I love the photo of the two of you at storytime. Mac loves library storytime too!

Sarah said...

That side dish looks great and might be a fun thing for Drew to help me make and then hopefully eat! :)

Don't miss our link party next week where you can write your thoughts on what you think little Jaq's will be like someday!

Our Journey

A Wedding Story said...

Storytime is a staple in our weekly routine. So glad it has started back up for the Fall. I think they learn such great things(pre-reading skills anyone?). I'm not a broccoli fan but these may sway me! Add cheese and I'm sold. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

That card, SO the truth!!! Your little one is just adorable!

Beth Ann said...

Ugh, totally true about the shopping. Exactly why I love #targetwithnokids. ;)

Anonymous said...

The broccoli rice cups look yummy! Very kid friendly! I might have to try those:)

Chelsea said...

The broccoli rice cooks look so good. I also love the journal that you go to. :)

Adventures with Little man said...

Number two looks delicious! And that 'one liner' journal is really neat. I might have to pick one up for myself as I know I would love looking back. I saw you in the link up and am dropping in to say hello! I am your newest follower! Have a great weekend.

Vanessa said...

How cute are you two at story time?!? And the swaddled baby doll--so sweet!

I just bought the journal for a friend who is having her second, but I think I'm going to order one for myself too! Better late than never, right? :)

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Oh my goodness, she is just way too cute! And that broccoli and rice looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!! :)

Stephanie @ Tailgatequeen said...

That ecard is SO funny!

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