Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pumpkin patch

 As I said yesterday, we took Jaqs to the pumpkin patch this past weekend, and we had such a great time! There was a petting zoo, pony rides, a kiddie train, and a few other little activities for the kiddos.
If you know Jaqs, you know she is an animal LOVER, so she had the best time at the petting zoo! Daddy held her to start, but she wanted down with the sheep, goats, deer almost immediately. She took right to hand feeding them and even kissed the deer on the head! Ha! I pretended like I was completely okay with it ;) It was pretty cute, I have to say.
Jaqs even got to ride a pony! I thought this would be a dream come true for her, and she loved it at first, then hopped right off mid-stride. Oh well...makes for cute pictures!
 We spent most of our time chasing her around from one activity to the next!
 She was definitely in her element, running around outside without many boundaries.
I had this idea in my head that we were going to get some cute pictures of her sitting with all the pumpkins. NOT! She was way too busy for all that. She had fun picking out pumpkins though!
The one thing she kept going back to again and again was the tetherball. This little lady is seriously obsessed with sports already, so she absolutely loved swinging that ball around the post. She giggled the whole time!
I'm so glad we get to enjoy these fun family outings with our sweet pea!
 Everything is more fun {and more adventurous!} with Jaqs.


Ashley said...

What a fun time! The pictures turned out adorable!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

She is absolutely adorable! :)

emily said...

Looks like fun! She's adorable.

Sara said...

Awesome! What great photos. She is just so stinking cute I can barely stand it. I'm dying to get Mac on a pony - not sure how he'll handle it, but we're going to try! Love her outfit!

elise @ cheers yall said...

she is ROCKIN the mixed pattern trend (that i ADORE)...and i am loving it!!! so presh. aaaand i always love a good pumpkin patch photo sesh.


Christina @ This Woman Cooks! said...

So fun! I love pumpkin patch photos. Her outfit was perfect!

Elizabeth said...

Her outfit is adorable!!! I love it! I love going to the pumpkin patch. One of my favorite things to do.

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Such beautiful pictures, looks like she had a ball!

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