Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Home 2013

I adore how our home feels at Christmastime! The decor is so cozy, and I love having the tree lit up all day, every day! It just makes me happy, and I'm apparently not alone because Jaqs turns on the lights first thing every morning. Makes me smile! Oh, and I mentioned being worried about keeping her out of the tree in a previous post, but she has not messed with it at all. We may have lied a little bit and told her it was HOT (!!!) but hey, whatever it takes, I say. It's still standing, and I haven't lost a single ornament, so it's a win.

Christmas dishes are so fun! Love giving our hutch a little holiday makeover..
These are the Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes I made last year... 
 The other trick to keeping J away from the tree was giving her her own little tree to decorate with shatterproof ornaments. She occasionally takes them on & off, and I've kept it just how she's done it because I think it's perfect!
 The sweetest little mistletoes! Jaqs had so much fun making this "art" piece. Although, those mistletoes aren't so little...that's an 8x10 frame those tootsies are in. My kid is a big foot. She comes by it honestly though!
The best part! The tree!
 I wanted to change it up a little this year but also keep all the same ornaments, so I did some color blocking, and I'm kinda digging it. I also added the picks to the top for some extra flare.
 We needed new stockings this year, and my mom scored these at Canton a couple months ago. I added chalkboard tags to personalize them for each family member.
 Jaqs plays with her Little People Nativity every day. She loves "baby" and all the animals!
 The perfect paper for our Mickey loving girl...found at Target! I love that it's not terribly cheesy.
 And, of course, J's room needed some goodies, too! I found the gingerbread girl at Hobby Lobby and could not resist it for $15. Looooove it. The foam trees are another project from last year!
 We've started our Christmas book collection because I definitely want to do the 25 books of Christmas in the years to come. Here's to hoping I can score some after the holiday!
I spy a sweet little hand <3
Hope you enjoyed a little "Christmas Tour" of our humble abode! :)


Mateya said...

Love it all! Your tree is amazing! I love the bright/whimsical colors and the color blocking is so fun!

P!nky said...

Love all the decor! Your plates are beautiful, love how they are displayed!

And how sweet is the little people Nativity? I love it1

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Everything looks beautiful :)

Her play nativity set is adorable!

Ashley said...

Love the idea of color blocking on the tree! So cute!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

OBSESSED with your decor babe. Especially the way you set out the plates in those first few pictures. SO MERRY! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! EEE! xx

Christina @ This Woman Cooks! said...

So cheery! Your home is so merry and I absolutely love it all. I love the color blocking on your tree!

Jen said...

Very cute!!! LOVE your tree! And Jaqs table looks so good!! Great job!

Beth Ann said...

Love it all- especially the color blocking on the tree (obsessed!) and that gingerbread girl!

Emily said...

Everything is gorgeous!!!! Love your tree!!!

Sara said...

Seriously?! Your decorations are amazing! Love her little pink tree. Love the ornament garland! Love your big tree! Love the miseltoes! Love it all.

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