Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday!

It's Friday!! And I'm thrilled about it! I have a girls' night planned with a friend tonight and some family fun with my trio planned for tomorrow, so I'm a happy girl today!
Per my Friday usual, I'm linking up with Darci & the girls for Five on Friday :)
{one} The Wildcat football family Christmas party was Wednesday night, and we had such a great time! The restaurant where we had it is extremely family friendly, so all of our kiddos just ran around playing together, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Definitely takes the stress off the parents when you don't have to worry about keeping a bunch of kiddos quiet through a dinner for 30+ people!
 It's still bizarre to me that we have a little one to include in the "kids picture!"
{two} If you have an HEB (and a wax warmer) pick these up next time you're there! My whole house smells like peppermint bark, and I LOVE IT!! I'm obsessed with the smells of this season. Of course, they make me super hungry, too, but whatever ;)
{three} It has been coold (to us) in Texas for the last week, and J absolutely loves it. Crazy girl! She just giggles and says, "buuuuurrrr!!" every time we go out. I think she'll be happy to get back to the park soon though! Lucky for us, next week is looking pretty nice!
{four} We're not doing any advent activities this year just because J is still young, but I'm scouting out everyone else's ideas for next year! I love Jessica's (of Little Baby Garvin) toddler much fun! I'm also dying over this little felt stocking advent garland. I really hope I can score one after Christmas! 
{five} Not trying to get into a Santa debate here, but obviously it's a decision that you make as a parent in whether or not you will "do" Santa. We WILL be doing Santa in our family, but it will never override what we're really wanting our children to know Christmas (and LIFE!) is all about. E of E, Myself, and I had a great post on the topic this week that basically pinpoints exactly how I feel about including Santa in Christmas traditions. Santa is only a few weeks out of the year, but Jesus is year-round! Now, if only I could get Jaqs to stop referring to the man as "Big Ho!" It's getting embarrassing.
I can hardly wait to see how she reacts to the jolly fella this year. Something tells me we're going to end up with one of those hilariously pathetic screaming pictures! Can't wait.

Hope you lovelies have a wonderful weekend!


Sara said...

Big Ho! I love it! She is adorable. We had a screamer this year. :) I think it's hilarious and wonderful (my husband disagrees). I think Santa would be terrifying to me too!

Jessi Otey said...

She is so dang cute!!! Love your sweater as well! Happy Weekend!

Mateya said...

I can't wait to see her Santa picture this year! She's so stinkin cute! Hope you guys are loving your "cold" weather ;)

Jen said...

Ok, Jaqs really could not be any cuter!!! LOVE all her little outfits! And Big Ho!!!! I'm still laughing at that one (sorry Katie)!!! ;))

Vanessa said...

Big Ho! Yes--so awesome! And I love the felt stocking garland too! Next year :)

Have a great girls night and weekend!!

Jodi said...

That stocking advent calendar is too cute! Good luck with Santa :)

Emily Marie said...

Love her coat, Jaqs looks adorable in it!!! I can not wait to hear how her visit with "Big Ho" goes... that is Hilarious;)

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