Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Family Pictures

Hi friends! I have missed this little space of mine so much over the last couple months. Since Thanksgiving, I've sat down to blog many times, but each time life has "happened" and I accomplished nothing here. Rather than overwhelming myself with trying to play catch up, I decided to just start fresh and new with NOW!


We had a fabulous Thanksgiving at home with our families in Abilene, and while we were there, my cousin offered to take some family photos for our Christmas card. I'm so thankful she did, and I absolutely am SO pleased with how they turned out! Thank you, Jessica, you're the best :) I thought I'd just get my toes wet here and share those with y'all today! 
 Jaqs went straight to climbing the rocks in the location where these were taken! Busy girl.
 Is it obvious that she loves her daddy? :)
I adore this picture! It's a miracle that we're all looking AND smiling!
 Neigh the pony goes everywhere with us.

Whew, feels good to be back! Believe it or not, I even have a few posts scheduled, so I actually WILL be back sooner than 3 weeks from now! :) Thanks for hanging on, y'all.


Beth Ann said...

Love these! And you are so gorgeous! Where are you boots from? I've been looking and looking but am apparently super picky when it comes to boots.

P!nky said...

Beautiful family pics, love the ones of your lil girl!

And your hair, gorgeous!

Christina @ This Woman Cooks! said...

Your pictures came out beautifully! Gorgeous family :)

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