Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on Friday!

I think I've missed these posts the most in my blogging absence, so I'm excited to be joining in for 5 on Friday once again! Head over & link up with these lovely ladies!
{one) Y'all, toddlers are crazy. If you have one, you know. If you don't, you may be rolling your eyes & thinking something like, "my child will NEVER!" But s/he will. Because that's what they do...they embarrass their parents ;)
Last Sunday, we were out running a couple errands with GG, and we decided to stop at Wendy's for a little snack. Jaqs had chicken nuggets, and at some point during her meal, she decided that she simply could not risk getting a drop of ketchup on her shirt, so SHE TOOK IT OFF. And refused to put it back on until she was done. LOL. I couldn't even discipline her because I could not stop laughing. Thankfully, there weren't many people there, and this sweet little old lady made her way to our table, and said, "I need to know what y'all are laughing at so I can laugh, too!" Then she saw Jaqs, and reassured me that you just never know what the day will bring when you have a two year old :) Bless her for making me smile rather than being ugly about it!

{two} In other toddler news, I'm happy to report that we ditched the paci this week! Most people don't even realize that Jaqs still had a paci because she has only used it for sleep since she was a year old, but a friend of mine ditched her son's last week & gave me the courage to try it out. Jaqs adjusted SO well. She really shocked me, and has slept just fine without it! My big girl. She was promised a toy of her choice after throwing them away, and she was thrilled with her pick!
I gave them all to her with the tips cut off; she put one in her mouth, and declared, "I don't want these broken pacis!!" After I told her I couldn't fix them, she decided to throw them in the trash herself! Ha.
{three} Have y'all started your Christmas shopping? Since baby boy is due December 15th, I got a jump start, and I'm about 95% done. Jaqs is getting this Ikea kitchen as her big gift, and she is going to love it! I've been looking for ways to spruce it up and found this ADORABLE hack, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off in time. I absolutely love it though, so it may be worth a shot!
{four} Our awesome coaching family surprised us with a little "sprinkle" for our boy last weekend, and we were so thankful! I think we have everything we need to welcome him into this world now! Well, after Rob drags the car-seat and other gear out of the attic this weekend, that is ;)
{five} Have you heard of Younique yet? Or tried the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara?? Let me tell you, it is AMAZING. I purchased some from a friend back in May and loved it so much that I signed up to be a presenter! Selling anything is totally not my style, but I'm obsessed with this product, and I happen to love all the other cosmetics I've tried from Younique as well! The mascara is so easy to apply (and remove!), and I just don't think there's any way I could ever go back to lashes feel bare without my fibers now!
top: bare lashes
middle: regular mascara
bottom: 3D fiber lash mascara
Anyway, all this to say, I think to celebrate being back at blogging, I'll be giving away one mascara kit beginning next week! So be on the lookout for details on that! :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


P!nky said...

Lil kids sleeping are the cutest!

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

Oh my gosh the wendy's incident/date just made my morning! Too flippin' cute! That kitchen is the cutest too- makes me pull for a girl all of sudden! :) Happy weekend friend! xoxo

Jillian said...

that ikea kitchen hack is SO cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Ashley said...

That Wendy's story is too funny, and ironic!! It actually happened yesterday when I went to lunch with a friend, haha! Her son was trying to take his shirt off because it had gotten wet! AND that mascara is amazing, I may have to try some of that!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Stopping over from the linkup! I love that your little one sat topless in Wendys eating chicken nuggets. That's just priceless! I know my 11 month old has a bright future of embarrassing moments ahead of her... can't wait!

Emily Marie said...

Welcome Back, I've been horrible and not blogged in months either but still like to read everyones I've been following! Also congrats, Jaqs looks like she's going to be a great big sister! I love the Wendy's story...toddlers are so crazy you never know what each day holds;)

Stephanie Cox said...

So happy to see you back to blogging. I'm going to take C's from him when we move... the idea of him not having it while driving from Texas to Ohio doesn't seem fun.

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