Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Nights...

I love summer nights in Texas, but thanks to summer school (boo Physics!!) I haven't really gotten to enjoy them. I had probably the hardest test I've taken in my college career yesterday, so I was ready to take my mind off of that and have some fun with friends! There's a place here in town that has free concerts every Thursday night, so we went to listen to Reckless Kelly & do some two-steppin'. It was so much fun!

One of my besties...Anna! We also went to the pool yesterday afternoon, and somehow my arms got sunburned but my face is super white? Looks awesome.

Rob & his twinkie...Will. Have I ever mentioned that Rob was a twin?

Love my boo.

Will & Anna were "temporary dates" know to combat creepers! Ha :)

Julie came too!

Jerrod & Julie

Patrick & Rob matched...(kinda)

Definitely a fun night before the busy-ness of football season begins!


Connie said...

Summer nights ARE the best! How did you do on that test? It sounds like nooo fun!!

Katie, thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement. Love you!

Sarah Beth said...

Oh thank you so much for putting pics of all the girls! I miss yall so much! I hope you are enjoying your summer and hopefully Rob has a little more summer left! Miss hanging out at the pool!

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