Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend fun!

We had such a fun weekend, and I have no pictures to prove it. What a shame!
Friday night, Rob and I had a little date night...probably our last Friday night date night until December! 2-a-days started today, so that means we are back in full-swing with football! Even though it's always a bummer to let go of the hubs, we are SO excited for this season! I know it's going to be awesome, and I cannot wait for Friday Night Lights to return!
Anyway, back to date-night....we just grabbed some dinner, tried to go to a movie but didn't want to wait for 3 hours for it to start, so we ended up back at home watching Shark Week.
Romantic, isn't it? We get wild, y'all.
Here's our poor attempt of a self-portrait...iPhone pics are all I got this weekend.
Around 10 o'clock, we had an EXCITING delivery made to our door-step. The Dunnam's ventured over to Ikea that night, so I asked Cassi to pick up the Mongstad mirror for me. She, of course, delivered. That's birthday wish came early!
This mega-mirror is now residing in our bedroom, and I love it. So happy I got it!
Saturday night was the season kick-off party at the Spradlin's house! We had tons of yummy food and homemade ice-cream. It was so much fun to meet everyone, and I'm already looking forward to the c-wife party this coming Saturday :) Here's last year's recap if you're new to the blog. Roxanne out-does herself with the coaches wives party every year...makes us all feel special, loved, and appreciated! It's something we always look forward to, and while I'll miss all the "Cougar wives" this year, I know we'll form new friendships and just have a blast! Anyway, all this to say...I didn't take any pictures Saturday night because I was too busy talking ;) I'll try to do better next week!

Sunday morning, Rob and I tried a new church. This is our first time to have to find a church home on our own, and it's definitely strange to be away from the church we've grown up in, but it's so important to us to find a place to call home. We're looking forward to visiting several places and discovering the best fit! We know God will lead us in the right direction.

And I took a picture of my church shoes. Because I'm cool. But really, TOMS wedges are SO comfortable! If you're considering getting some, do it! I love how casual they can be.

If you made it to the end of this random, all-over-the-place post, thank you. Really.
Have an awesome Monday!


Kristen said...

Love the new mirror! ;)

Mateya said...

That mirror looks awesome!

Those are Toms?! Love them! I'm gonna have to check them out now!

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