Thursday, October 10, 2013

military-inspired favorites

I have a confession. I've ALWAYS been obsessed with camo. Seriously, I had a pair of camo pants in high school, and now that it's coming back, I'm seriously regretting giving those things up ;) I'm loving the "military" trend that seems to be popular right now, but what do I know about what's really in style anymore?! I'd much prefer to shop for Jaqs than myself any day. Anyway, here are a few pieces I've come across lately that I'm loving!
military favorites
{click set for details}
--I want this jacket! Old Navy has one similar, but my size is sold out...BOO.
--How cute are those camo flats? Perfect way to add just a little bit of camo to an outfit without feeling over the top.
--This Gap tote is adorable, and would be a great stand-in for my diaper bag.
--I hope colored skinnies never die...I can't get enough!
--Of course, I couldn't leave Jaqs out! This military jacket for baby is adorable.
--If I had a boy, you better believe he'd have this backpack! I absolutely love it, and it would be even cuter with an orange monogram!

Now, how to put it all together without looking like I'm off to a battle field?
I'm obsessed with this whole outfit. Gimme, gimme!
Are you loving this trend as much as I obviously am? :)

Happy Thursday, y'all! Almost the weekend!


Jess Norden said...

I passed up a camo silk top the other day because it was a size too big, but I am thinking that I could have made it last! Maybe I will go back and get it. :) Hm....great post!

Mateya said...

I haven't really noticed all the military style stuff until recently. I do love that jacket though!

Sara said...

I bought that jacket for my daughter! Way too cute! I love love love this trend!
Life with Baby Sophia

Jen said...

Love, love!!! I bought the military pants from Gap this year and love them!

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